Just F*cking Do It


My husband delivered a keynote one time to an audience of startups and technology nerds. His advice to them was “stop talking about it and just f*cking do it”. Everyone laughed and nodded. This happens a lot in technology and business. People spend a huge amount of time talking about what they are going to do; pontificating, planning, researching, and discussing – but then fall down on execution.  So things either never get off the ground or they lose steam shortly after they launch.

The exact same thing happens in our lives when it comes to creating change, starting something new, or embarking on a personal goal attempt. We often build things up in our minds and make them appear way bigger or more complicated than they actually are. If I would have thought about running for 30 minutes without stopping before I began running on day one, I would have given up or possibly not even started running. But here I am 9 weeks later and running has stuck for me. First I had to be okay with 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 10 and 20 and so on. It was a gradual build up that all began with me just f*cking doing it. Every day that I run, I don’t think about anything other than what is in front of me at that moment. I put my shoes on and head out the door thinking only about putting one foot in front of the other, that’s it. And I do my best to apply this same logic to pretty much everything I work on. It helps tremendously. I am the type of person who gets completely overwhelmed if I think about everything at once, so for my own sanity I have to break it down. And just doing it helps because you take the first step, and then the second, and then the third and before you know it you’ve accomplished something.

Not all things work out just because we start doing them, but at least you can say that you actually did something. Talking about doing something and actually doing it are two very different things. So just f*cking do it no matter what that thing is for you.


My Friday Variety Show

Today’s Friday. It’s a good “shoot the shit” kind of day. So I thought I’d outline some of my opinions, which I just LOVE to do being the opinionated super bitch I am. 😉

My viewpoints aren’t always as obscure as people think, but then my opinion doesn’t really count when it comes to analyzing how normal or obscure my own opinions are…does it?

So here are some random opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints I have on various things in life.

Eating: Must eat. No time for taste.
Sex: Just take your pants off
Work: As little as possible
Drink: My fucking face off
Smoke: In one breath
Gym: 30 Min circuit
Wake: Pop tart out of bed
Sleep: Not now
Parenting: Sucks when bribes don’t work
Weight: Fat or thin… no such thing as “healthy”
My art: Never meets my expectations
My writing: Not published… not worthy
Men: Easier to deal with than women, but too horny
Women: Complicated, beautiful, powerful bitches
Religion: Causes too much war, therefore evil
Spirituality: God is within yourself, so stop looking up
Our World: Thanks Bush. You’re a god damn rocket scientist!
The Environment: Recycling… it’s a very simple concept!
Humans: More community… less tanning
Politics: Aren’t always bad…
Race: Need not be identified
Meat: Why don’t you google where your food comes from
Love: The most frustrating thing we do
The Office: Breeding ground for passive aggressiveness
Technology: Making us relate more to a machine… and less to a person
Television: Is going to be extinct one day (replaced)… Bye bye Seinfeld reruns ((shudder))
Vanity: Is going to become disgusting… So get in that botox while you still can
Drugs: Open your mind, as long as you don’t stay on them
Family: People who teach you the value of differing opinions
Reading: Keeps your mind alert, stops you from having a panic attack
Anxiety: Far too prevalent in today’s society… too much choice, pressure, and stress
Pets: Should never watch you have sex… it’s just weird okay.

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