The Boat of the Spiritually Aligned

Why do we overlook the present moment in favor of the next? It’s like giving up the sex to get to the cigarette, choosing the full belly without tasting the turkey, and begging the roller coaster to slow down because we were looking for something a little more long-term.

Stop worrying about failure, making money or finding Mr. Right.

Because truly you are missing what’s right.

Because this here… is what’s right.

Inhale it, taste it, rub it under your skin.

This perfection that we call NOW is your guiding light.

The walls that are seemingly crumbling around you, were built by you. Each and every last brick lovingly placed there with your hardworking fear, and your hard up ear.

It’s here.

The perfection that you both seek and destroy is standing before you waiting for you to acknowledge it’s presence.

But you don’t.

You can’t.

Because you’d rather wrap yourself up tightly in fear, like a horrific pink snuggie while you watch your life play out before you like a made-for-TV movie.

A bad one.

And you look around and everyone else is rockin’ their fear snuggies too, so you think “Well I guess this is what I should do”.

And it so isn’t… What you should do.

You are not living up to the potential that is you.

Fuck the snuggie, fuck the TV, embrace this moment and say “I’m gonna be me.”

You can sit there and judge me as a writer, a poet, a person and a mother… But you won’t evolve your position as a human by doing that. Not even in scat.

You won’t manifest your desires or attract what you seek as long as you allow yourself to wade in the negativity of your own mind.

You’re blind.

Stop looking ahead.

Stop looking behind.

You’re missing the boat of the spiritually aligned.

And I’m just learning to drive this boat. Enjoying the wind in my hair, the sound of the crashing waves around me, and basking in what it feels like to actually float.

And I never knew… I didn’t realize.

That I was the one with the remote.

I have always been the one who controlled this boat.

I used to be left in the wake behind it. Trying to catch a wave that my fear chose. Chasing tomorrows and rainbows, while my intuition fed me deafening blows.

Tomorrow never comes because by the time it gets here it’s already today.

So NOW is all that matters.

Don’t let tomorrow lead you astray.

Focus on my words and what I’ve come here to say.

Take your boat out for a spin

And enjoy the day!