69 Things

Just some random facts about me…

1.) Wine Snob – Does not, will not, cannot drink cheap wine!

2.) Career = Digital Marketer and Ghostwriter

3.) Mommy to two gorgeous lil’ divas (identical twin girls)

4.) Born in Wales, U.K. but have lived in Canada (since the age of 4)

5.) Used to be the party girl extraordinaire! Quite lame now!

6.) Lover of body art! Currently host to 6 tattoos, with many more to come!

7.) Spinner of fine tracks! 12″ Vinyl on Technics turntables. And yes I can mix!

8.) A bad driver I am! Road raging, erratic, nervous and sometimes aggressive.

9.) I write poetry, lyrics, children’s books, flash fiction, novels, columns and blogs!

10.) Lover of Space Age Era decor, architecture, electronics, and furniture.

11.) Born on November 17th 1978, which makes me a Scorpio to the core!

12.) Tarot card reader (16 years now), but always for fun, never for money!

13.) Fashion style can be defined as “urban hipster, heavy on the funk, big on punk.”

14.) Dancing… It’s one of my favourite things to do! I love music of all kinds.

15.) Will be a full time writer soon and spend a smaller amount of time on the biz stuff.

16.) Breakfast is the best meal of the day and should be eaten at any time! Especially bacon!

17.) I drive a big honkin’ ML320, which I fully intend on selling. It’s not me…

18.) I have an obsession with loose tea. I have over 20 kinds in my cupboard.

19.) My camera is a natural extension of me. It’s with me always.

20.) BIG believer in Law of Attraction and follower of Abraham Hicks.

21.) Don’t have cable at my house, but we do subscribe to Netflix.

22.) I tend to do things my own way, but I also listen to others.

23.) Immediate fam =  mom and a dad and a brother and a sister.

24.) Brother is 5 years older (lives in Vancouver) & sis is 5 years younger. Both married, but not me 😦

25.) My family also drinks a crazy amount of tea! It is ALWAYS time for tea!

26.) I live downtown Burlington by the lake and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

27.) Tokidoki rocks as does anything remotely resembling Kawaii

28.) I wear lounge pants at home. Everyone needs lounge pants.

29.) Eventually I want to spend more time on art – painting & sculpting.

30.) Used to live in Brampton, ON! In fact, grew up there. But left at 20.

31.) I enjoy meditation and can get into some interesting states of consciousness.

32.) I have my First Degree Reiki Certification.

33.) My license plate says “Quirky1”

34.) I have always had a problem with conformity and am very free spirited.

35.) I see these same qualities in my girlies and it’s a bit scary. LOL!

36.) My iPhone 4 is never more than an arms length away.

37.) I sponsor a child in Africa who lives in an Aids stricken village.

38.) Normally I can’t sleep before 12, but I am trying to go to bed earlier.

39.) My name (Selina) is derived from ‘Selene’ the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

40.) I (perhaps because of 39) have a weird obsession with the moon.

41.) Sometimes I ignore my phone because I get reclusive at times.

42.) Sometimes I act like such a typical writer and live the stereotypes.

43.) My personality can be quite destructive, but I am working on it.

44.) I get moody and have a hard time hiding how I feel. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

45.) My moods often dictate how and what I write… or simply how I communicate.

46.) I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to myself, but get things done for others with ease.

47.) I have a fascination with sex, death, and humour. Weird combo? Not really.

48.) I am very romantic and give myself completely in a relationship.

49.) I used to like Cap’n’Crunch when it cut the roof of your mouth, now that the edges are safe and rounded I’m not a fan.

49.) I had a black cabbage patch kid named Fred, he rocked!

50.) I buy kitschy quirky panties, even though I don’t often wear them.

51.) I have an acoustic guitar collecting dust. I think I need a teacher.

52.) I used to read Sylvia Plath to my daughters. Then I thought, “maybe this is a bit morbid.”

53.) David’s Tea has become my choice locale for hot beverages. Sorry Starbucks!

54.) I enjoy smoking the occasional joint, but occasional seems to be twice a year.

55.) My biggest fear is never escaping the corporate world and missing out on the creative life that I want to live. I’m good in the corporate world, confident, and competent… I am self-conscious and scared when it comes to my art.

56.) I tend to listen to my heart more than my mind, this can sometimes lead me wrong and cause me to act impulsively.

57.) Organized religion and me don’t get along, but I am very spiritual

58.) Having my girls gave me an inner strength I never knew I had

59.) I love to eat bananas on toast with a nice cup of tea in the morning

60.) I’m a Mac girl, I’ll never go PC. Not in this life.

61.) There’s nothing tastier than a damn fine cut of filet mignon, medium.

62.) When I get nervous my face turns red and I can feel it get warm.

63.) I own a Black cat named Rudy. He is so bad and never listens. I respect him tremendously for being the rebel cat that he is, and as much as he pisses me off… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

64.) I love to snowboard, but don’t get out much anymore.

65.) Old couples who are still in love and still hold hands are inspiring.

66.) Old couples who hate each other but can’t be bothered to do anything about it… are inspiring.

67.) Life doesn’t scare me and I am gonna live the hell out of it.

68.) I am cynical and jaded at times, but for the most part, I am a pretty happy girl.

69.) I like to analyze my dreams and find the deeper meaning.


14 thoughts on “69 Things

  1. You know ,I normally never leave comments on websites, especially ones I merely stumble upon whilst looking for inspiration, or should that be cheats – yeah it should definitely be cheats, for a forthcoming essay. However, for once felt compelled to. Perhaps it was the fact that you too are a MAN U fan, fingers crossed that Ronaldo’s fit for the weekend, or perhaps it was the references to biscuits, which gave me fond memories of a rave in 1990, but more than likely it was Shawn. You see, I am writing a book, supposedly, in which one of the characters, Steve, gets caught by his mate dancing about in a pair of fishnets (small world eh!) with a hard-on that could break toffee, as we say in Scotland, but instead of Madonna it’s Joe Smooth’s Promised Land – which is, incidentally, a must have for any Spinner of fine tracks of 12″ Vinyl on Technics turntables!Anyway, probably telling my granny how to suck eggs…as we also say in Scotland!

    Keep it Celt,

    Paul AKA Big China.

  2. Mion: You’re right… I do have to update my list, among many things.

    Paul: Thanks for stopping in and for commenting. Good luck on your book, it sounds like my kinda tale! Any book with a dude wearing fishnets and rockin’ a hard on that can “break toffee” is top shelf in my opinion!! Cheers Paul!! Let me know if you get a site up, would love to read your stuff.

  3. Awesome list. You are almost exactly 3 years younger (almost as in if you were born 18 October) so you shouldn’t feel old. Actually you’re younger than my second sister but only by almost a year. 😉

    How are the little rugrats? They’d be what 4 now?

    So feel you on 41, 43, 46, 51, 56, 60 (definitely on this one only except for being a girl part – DNA dictated that one), 61, 62, 65, 67, 68. I don’t even go near 69 only because I have the most fucked up dreams that if they were analysed I’d probably be locked away with all the other sane people. Like the one I had the other day where I was walking down Wellington streets only to see a tornado hit a couple of blocks away, I got really excited because I’ve finally seen one (my one wish before I die is to see a tornado in real life – which may be how I die) but then the tornado turns into a Dalek and I got scared because I thought it’s going to destroy me but then I realised that it hasn’t fired on anyone yet and after mocking it trying to get it to shoot me I go to check it out and find that it’s nothing more than a mockup of a dalek? Yeah, analyse that.

    By all intensive purposes you’re the normal one here.

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