The Boat of the Spiritually Aligned

Why do we overlook the present moment in favor of the next? It’s like giving up the sex to get to the cigarette, choosing the full belly without tasting the turkey, and begging the roller coaster to slow down because we were looking for something a little more long-term.

Stop worrying about failure, making money or finding Mr. Right.

Because truly you are missing what’s right.

Because this here… is what’s right.

Inhale it, taste it, rub it under your skin.

This perfection that we call NOW is your guiding light.

The walls that are seemingly crumbling around you, were built by you. Each and every last brick lovingly placed there with your hardworking fear, and your hard up ear.

It’s here.

The perfection that you both seek and destroy is standing before you waiting for you to acknowledge it’s presence.

But you don’t.

You can’t.

Because you’d rather wrap yourself up tightly in fear, like a horrific pink snuggie while you watch your life play out before you like a made-for-TV movie.

A bad one.

And you look around and everyone else is rockin’ their fear snuggies too, so you think “Well I guess this is what I should do”.

And it so isn’t… What you should do.

You are not living up to the potential that is you.

Fuck the snuggie, fuck the TV, embrace this moment and say “I’m gonna be me.”

You can sit there and judge me as a writer, a poet, a person and a mother… But you won’t evolve your position as a human by doing that. Not even in scat.

You won’t manifest your desires or attract what you seek as long as you allow yourself to wade in the negativity of your own mind.

You’re blind.

Stop looking ahead.

Stop looking behind.

You’re missing the boat of the spiritually aligned.

And I’m just learning to drive this boat. Enjoying the wind in my hair, the sound of the crashing waves around me, and basking in what it feels like to actually float.

And I never knew… I didn’t realize.

That I was the one with the remote.

I have always been the one who controlled this boat.

I used to be left in the wake behind it. Trying to catch a wave that my fear chose. Chasing tomorrows and rainbows, while my intuition fed me deafening blows.

Tomorrow never comes because by the time it gets here it’s already today.

So NOW is all that matters.

Don’t let tomorrow lead you astray.

Focus on my words and what I’ve come here to say.

Take your boat out for a spin

And enjoy the day!


7 thoughts on “The Boat of the Spiritually Aligned

  1. Great stuff. Vital words. Very moving. This poem of yours been on my mind since yesterday, and Now it is today. I must say that your words have taken me away.

  2. Awesome, Selina! This message is exactly what I attempt to get across with some of my own posts. I’m thankful I learned to “drive the boat” years ago; but, it’s an ongoing process with the many waves and wildlife and garbage that get in the path of our boat. Constant reminders – both mental and in the form of little notes all over my desk and walls – help me to stay in the now. I hope more people will climb aboard. Great post!

  3. Well versed and so true to the core Selina! A lot more of us need to open our eyes to the opportunities and people that come before us, yet go unnoticed. Sometimes its due to the complexities of life and how we deal, and other times it’s how we allow our own mind to hold us prisoner.
    I jumped on board the only boat available a while back, and have been slowly making my way through the weeds to a more exciting destination. I just have to learn to drive it better and with time and positive notes mental and physical, I will be captain. *g*

    Once again.. Awesome job!! 😉

  4. Ah, the vital struggle to be in the Now.

    Righteous words well-said, but I can hear in them the challenge of following them: the speaker talking to themself more-so than to their listener, … trying to let go, and to Be, in a reality that demands that we do “only so much of that,” lest we fly off the cliff ahead, or into the lion’s path ahead, or miss the berry patch off the beaten path, or the undiscovered glade where the nymphs bathe.

    And striving is so innately, inescapably human.

    Yet your message is priceless, even as it is impossible to fully actualize. The keys are: (1) balance, and (2) acceptance of the impossibility of perfection, certainty, & complete knowledge.

    The personal quest for balance reminds us to drop the manic fight that fired up our day, but which now needs to go away for the night, or for the next day, or year, … so that something new can grow.

    Acceptance of the fuzziness sets us free from constant analysis between choices, and lets us LIVE a choice made.

    And with luck, together both (balance and acceptance) give us the respite that feeds us, warms our hearths and binds us to our companions.

    We each find a different balance point between the striving and the savoring. Inevitably. But there is an elephant in the room, and it is hard to counter balance: modern free-market realities ever spur-on the individual worker, toward more and more manic efforts, seeking ever more output. How to balance that out, seems the puzzle of our age.

    So which choices are about embracing Self, and Now, and Feeling, and which are merely about delayed gratification and socially-imposed values? Sometimes the choice is clear. Sometimes. If it were easy, the tone of the admonitions in “The Boat” would be far less impassioned.

    Still, the heart of this essay is true, and valid, and needful. And it was all well-said, well-said indeed.

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