I sat in my dimly lit eight hundred dollar a month apartment trying to put myself back together. The flashing Red light from my phone indicated that I had messages.

My face felt like somebody punched me hard and my body felt abused. The thoughts from the night prior were spotty at best. I remembered his face. It was gentle, his eyes bright, and his smile, warm and inviting.

Who was he? Where was he? How did I get home?

I listened to my messages in search of a clue, but turned up empty.

My brows furrowed as my brain worked like the little engine that could. My memory was failing me miserably. How depressing.

I headed to the kitchen to pour myself a drink.

Jack Daniels straight up, no ice.

I shot it back and felt the soothing burn in the back of my throat as I slumped down on my kitchen floor with the bottle thinking “shit, I really need to quit drinking.”


5 thoughts on “Blackout

  1. Great post to start the new year off! I’m sure this scenario played out in thousands of places across the country this January 1st!

  2. did this really happen. i would say it is a post with interesting literary qualities.

    it could had been jack daniels perhaps. but then again. she mush quit drinking , for the sake of public interest.. save some jack daniels for the rest 😛

  3. The resolve to quit drinking doesn’t seem too sincere in this case. This scenario, so well-written, is unfortunately less flash fiction than true life. Life goes on, of course, but it does seem a shame not to be able to recall any of it.

  4. Wow… I don’t think drinking is going to make you forget that night. Sounds to me like they got vicked.

    Oh well… it happens…

  5. Reminds me of the best pulp fiction of the 1930-1950s, and some “literature” of that era too – like The Great Gatsby. I would very likely buy a book that started off like this. It drew me in!

    I care less about sorting out the “philosophies to live by” on this topic (since I already feel pretty comfortable with my own set, and feel no need to test them out by sharing them broadly), but I AM very interested in this girl’s story. Bright Lights, Big City well-revisited (so far).

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