Virtual Reflection


Why has an error occurred on my Twitter feed
Why can’t I remember my password
When did I fall so behind on my blogging
Why does my blood pressure rise a few notches
Each time I sit in front of my computer
How did I forget to send that email
Who keeps Googling me
What about privacy
What about anonymity
Why does anybody care who I am
Who am I
Why do I spend hours upon hours online
Why does my job support virtual connections
What happened to face2face connections
What happened to looking into someone’s eyes
What will my daughters virtual life be like
Will they feel comfortable talking or typing
What is my virtual life like
Do I feel comfortable talking or typing
Does a virtual life count as much as a real one
When will this screen and my mirror become one

Maybe they already are.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Reflection

  1. Hey, Selina, you’ve got a really cool blog. Several pieces grabbed me. Virtual Reflection really has left me thinking…Wow, where is all this virtual stuff taking us?
    Thanks for sharing!

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