Gym Procrastination


I don’t have anything overly interesting to say. As I sit here and write this I am procrastinating… I should have been at the gym an hour ago. But here I am slowly working up to going to the gym. I hate how it becomes such “a thing” the longer I procrastinate, it almost gets stressful.

I wonder if other people have this relationship with the gym. It’s a miracle that I ever get there with the way I procrastinate. I hate doing domestic stuff, but I just cleaned my daughters room and put a load of laundry in, I’m thinking because both of those things are more attactive than going to the gym. I think it’s a game I play with myself. I start doing all sorts of other things so that eventually I can say “well it’s too late now, I can’t go. I have to make dinner” or “I have too much work to do” or “I’ll go tomorrow”.

It’s funny because my gym is an all women’s circuit training gym, so I only really need 45 mins and I get an awesome work out. It really is a great work out. Some of the women that go to my gym are 50+ and have fantastic muscular development. They put me to shame. I am always happy when I leave the gym and think “I’m glad I came” yet it’s my feelings of not wanting to go that overpower those memories when I am trying to build up motivation to get out the door. The negative beats down the positive leaving it lying in a happy little pool of blood on the floor.

Will I go? I honestly don’t know. I guess I’ll let you know later tonight. I’m gona “try” (whatever that means)


5 thoughts on “Gym Procrastination

  1. Now this is why I don’t join the gym. I have my workout stuff at the house so I can say well I can’t now because I have to clean something or watch something.
    Does dog walking count. With mine I have no choice but to power walk just to kep up with his fast little legs.

  2. I actually went to the gym yesterday. I even surprised myself. I think the guilt of writing this post propelled my ass out the door.

    Power walking definitely counts! I went to a “learn to run” clinic and we did walk-run training. You start with 2 minutes walking, 1 minute running, then 1 minute walking 1 minute running, then you gradually increase until you can run a full 20 minutes. (I never got there).

  3. I think you’ve just noticed how insane the idea of gyms are. 100 years ago, most people would have paid if they didn’t have to labor at physically demanding jobs. Today, we pay to engage in back-breaking labor.

    I guess they just get you coming and going.

  4. Poobah – You are so right. Our jobs today are lazy. Its against our nature to go to the gym and work out. It’s not natural. We’re supposed to be sitting in front of a screen of some kind. 🙂

    The only kind of exercise I actually enjoy is dance. I might join a dance studio or something so I can stop my bitching.

  5. You’ll need to set aside a specific time each and every day to devote to fitness exercises. Constantly decide on an exercise that you appreciate and also you can do. Commence out slowly, and as your fitness level improves, you can actually attempt even more complicated workouts.

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