Dirty Thirty… It’s Universal.

So me and Luvaboy are BOTH turning thirty this year and within a couple of weeks of each other, so we decided that we should throw a dirty thirty party. I have been scouring the net for ideas. So far I am thinking; dirty martinis, retro porn, Rockband, a dirty pinata (filled with condoms and sex toys), phallic food and sex themed drinks, and retro tunes.

I need a porn that won’t make people who aren’t sexually liberated feel terribly uncomfortable… Maybe Fritz the Cat or something. Suggestions warmly welcomed.

This video is what Diesel did for their Dirty Thirty party. They held a party in 17 cities around the world and created this re-edited 70’s porn to promote the parties. What a masterpiece.

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5 thoughts on “Dirty Thirty… It’s Universal.

  1. The mouth organ is my favourite although I have to ask why did the pinball machine grow hair?

    30 is so three years ago man. I can’t wait until I’m forty then it’s only 10 years until retirement baby yeah.

  2. Happy early birthday. Wow, I’ve noticed a shift in your blog. It’s closer to your original blog. I like it! I had to read back a few posts to get your explanation.

  3. Love that theme. Seems like you came up with some good ideas.
    You think yur guests would be up for Spin the Bottle?

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