Are We Really Bad Drivers Ladies?

I might get flamed for saying this, but it’s never stopped me in the past, so my opinion will be heard! Stereotypes, (I find) are always rooted in some kind of truth. Meaning that, somewhere along the line, there were enough incidents of said stereotype to actually change it from being a “thing” to a “THING”.

I was watching a woman driving the other day (really poorly) while I swore at her for cock-blocking my comfortably illegal speed. She basically turned Right and instead of staying in the Right lane, which was clear, decided to shimmy on over into mine even though her speed was nowhere near where it should have been.

So the bitch had me braking like a pig on ice and it got me to thinking…

Could there really be some validity to this whole “women are bad drivers” stereotype?! Could it be that maybe I TOO am a bad driver but am just too close to the issue to realize it. I’m on the inside, so how can I look at myself from an outsider’s eyes if I am already inside… I CAN’T.

Which means, that ladies… None of us are in a position to say whether we are a good or a bad driver. Our opinions are bias. We need to look to (shudder) our men for confirmation. But can we trust what they tell us? They seem to think that we’re all awful drivers.

So what’s the verdict here? Is it true? Are MOST women shit drivers?

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4 thoughts on “Are We Really Bad Drivers Ladies?

  1. Mate, EVERYONE is a bad driver. We’re simply not taught properly and if we are it’s usually by some Nazi who scares us too much to ever be comfortable behind the wheel.

    My dad taught me and he was awesome but his teachings were not by the book so while he was a brilliant driver and taught us very well he was not really teaching us what we should have been learning.

    Women are particularly bad because most of the time the teacher is a man and chicks NEVER listen to men.

    I’ve seen some horror women on the road. I’ve seen the normal texting and makeup applications but I’ve also seen them reading books and magazines but I’ve also seen guys do that… well maybe not the makeup application thing but I’ve met some dodgy men so I would expect there to be one or two out there.

    The worst I think are the old people not because they’re old but they’ve spent their lives driving much slower vehicles than today’s cars but I also blame car salesmen for selling them cars far too powerful for them to handle. The amount of little old ladies I’ve seen driving a Mercedes SLK and the like around town at 30Km/h is just saddening.

  2. Steve: Your passenger seats recline ALL THE WAY???

    Fuck off… What are you driving???

    Wookie: True dat about the old folks. Those ones are the worst. Have you ever seen that episode of South Park (Gray Dawn?)…

  3. Well I am excluded from the typical stereotype.I rode a bike,a horse and a UPS truck. Give me a set of wheels and I jump right in. Plus I wear earrings doing it really gets confusing.
    My husband always maks me drive when we go somewhere. Although he drives a truck for a living so that may have something to do with it.
    But I have seen some maybe not bad but dangerous men drivers.
    I think some women are overcautious(especially the over 50 crowd)
    I say make a decision and go.

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