My Heartfelt Apology

I don’t know what my problem is. I can’t seem to focus on more than one thing, yet I have much more than one thing going on in my life. I am writing a new book… so my blog falls by the wayside. Part of me thinks “meh, nobody reads my shit anymore anyway” but that is the cynical jaded writer in me talking because really, it doesn’t matter. I should just write, because that’s what I do… I write.

So… I am here to apologize to my blog, and the readers I do have who swing by, despite how sporadic my posts are. I have been a shit blogger. My only excuse is lack of inspiration and lack of focus, but the truth is I haven’t been trying. Thanks for swinging by, if even only to be disappointed.

I have this thing about only having a flash fiction blog, with random snippets of poetry. That is so fucking restricting! It is probably half the reason why I can’t write every day. Who can write a brand new story EVERY DAY?! It used to be me, but I can’t do that any more. Especially now that I’m writing a new book. So I am gonna change it up a bit and just shoot the shit, talk about whatever. Not pressure myself to follow a fucking format. That’s the whole reason why I’m an artist in the first place… Because I hate rules! Yet here I am placing them on myself and my blog.

No more rules on this blog. As of today.

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6 thoughts on “My Heartfelt Apology

  1. SHE’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I don’t mean back, as in you’ve posted to your blog. I mean the Lingo Slinger that had me captivated since you commented on my Blogger blog on one of you’re “drive by’s” way back when.

    Hoorah to ecelecticism, randomness, and what’s on your mind!

  2. Wow… seriously dude. What a fucking relief it is to hear that!

    Thank you!!!

    The potty-mouthed, uncensored, relentless, random, quirky, shit slingin’ bitch is back!


  3. Poobah… I was taking this whole writer thing too seriously. Now I am on my third book, non of them are published. Sometimes I just wanna swear and rant to my hearts content! This needs to be the place I can do that…

    The rules were internal, I was limiting myself to writing “works” and “pieces” and “prose” and… I felt like I couldn’t be me sometimes because it didn’t fit my blog.

    Weird I know… But my blog was having an identity crisis, sort of.

  4. Haven’t stopped by in awhile. But alas you have 3 new posts since my last vist. Glad to see you still blog and hope the book is going well.

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