The Rant of the Facebook Low Brow

Yes I’m on Facebook
Will I be your friend?
Well that depends
On whether you send me a hatching friend
Or a little green patch
Or a message saying you’ve bought me
An invitation to join a cause
A cute little piece of spam
Cleverly disguised as an app
Just makes me want to snap
It’s like an infomercial paradise
Where spam is free and given as a gift
Like I should be thanking you for this
This dismal insignificant piss
This quasi-spyware application
This tacky representation
Of web 2.0
Gone all pimp and ho
Sell your ass FO SHO
But don’t forget
To tell your friends
That you took an IQ test
And they can perhaps beat you
Just by downloading the app
Yeah, go ahead and snap
You know you want to
What have we become?
Are we now “forward to a friend”
Your friend to the end
And spam you will send
Because nothing says friendship
Like a virtual whiskey sip
Or a bumper sticker quip
Infecting chumps all over
Spreading superwall like a drover
Fuck off with that poke
Is that what we do
We’re not toddlers here
Or are we…
It’s getting really hard to tell
Perhaps we are regressing
Into an childlike hell
Where we X people
And Poke them
Sending them anonymous truths
Because who ever thought
Of picking up the phone
And email
C’est Passé
That was yesterday
So I guess I’m finished now
With my rant
Of the Facebook Low Brow


5 thoughts on “The Rant of the Facebook Low Brow

  1. I’m on Facebook but I never really use it. Someone invited me on so out of courtesy I joined.
    The only time I check it is when I get an e-mail alert that someone posted on my wall.
    Other than tat I am clueless.

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