Tokyo Pop


When I met him, he was really into anime. When I say really into anime, I mean obsessed to the point of distorted reality. I used to enjoy the sex, the costumes and the fake Japanese accents. It was fun… But then it got weird.

He was in between jobs having just been fired from the factory. He was sort of happy about it though, since being a poultry processor turned him into a staunch vegetarian. He was seeking new ventures, since there wasn’t another poultry manufacturer for miles.

“What about working on a farm?” he asked

“No” I said

“Why not? What’s wrong with working on a farm?”

“Well for starters, there’s 4 inches of snow out there and our rent can’t wait for you to find that perfect farm job. I can’t handle all of the bills alone on my waitressing salary.”

“What about a being a roofer?”

“Again Devon… Who the fuck is thinking about getting their roof re-shingled in January? Seriously… Just look at the classifieds.” I flung the paper at him.

“How are we gonna get to the convention next month? I can’t miss it… They’re releasing the special edition Fujiko Chin dolls.”

“How about you think about a job first?”

He stormed off to the kitchen and returned with his Neon Genesis Evangelion cup filled with Chocolate Milk. He slurped for a while before declaring “I need a job in anime. Nothing else is going to make me happy. It’s where I belong.”

I laughed condescendingly and said “NOT GONNA HAPPEN”

“Why… just because i’m not an artist?” he said

He left the room and slammed the bedroom door. I rolled my eyes and turned up the TV. He was in there for a while practicing one of his character impressions, I could hear him, although I’m almost certain that he thought I couldn’t.

He came out of the room about an hour later wearing something that resembled the leather guy from The Village People; his ass cheeks hanging out, hairy balls bouncing around and a leather whip in his hand.

“I’m not in the mood Devon.” I said

“Mood for what?” he said “I’m going out!”

“LIKE THAT?” I asked “You’ll get gang banged.”

“I won’t. I’ll drive there. I’m going to my anime club. They don’t mind. A lot of people dress like this. People aren’t judgemental about showing skin.”

“You’re weird…”

“That’s up for interpretation” he said.

I shuddered as he left the apartment. I needed a drink in a bad way by this point and headed to the kitchen to pour myself some sake. Of course we couldn’t just have regular beer or wine in the house…  It had to be authentic Japanese Sake.

I looked around our apartment at all of the Anime and Manga posters on the wall, the figurines, and the convention swag. My friends all thought I was crazy for allowing this stuff to qualify as decor in our house. The truth was, I kinda liked it (as much as I didn’t admit it to my girlfriends). Some of those anime bitches were hot, so I got to sport some pretty cool costumes and wigs.

But this… this latest gay rendition of anime fan psychosis. Leaving the house dressed like a desperate boy in need of a dick, was too much for me. Was he taking it up the rear on the side? I asked myself.

I got pissed on Sake and bitched to my girlfriend Stacey on the phone, while she urged me to find a man and ditch the boy. I told her that the sex (while sometimes weird) was really good, and that leaving wasn’t an option.  She, along with most of my other girlfriends, didn’t see the appeal. They didn’t know him like I did. They didn’t fuck him like I did.

He came home late that night, just after 1am. He looked a little drunk and tried to sneak into bed, not knowing that I was awake and dressed in my Rukia costume which never failed to make him hot. I stroked him a little bit and realized that his junk was already completely drained and non-responsive.

“You’re gay aren’t you?” I asked

“Kind of” he said before fading into a drunken slumber

The next day I ripped down all of his posters, and put all of his anime crap in a garbage bag outside of the apartment before ripping the covers off of him and kicking his ass out for good.

He tried to explain, but I wasn’t having it. For months and months I felt sick every time I saw anything that even remotely reminded me of anime. Which is why it was ironic, that I scored a job in anime soft porn, making fistfuls of dollars. It was my silently gay anime obsessing boyfriend, that made me an icon in Tokyo.


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Pop

  1. Unholy crap, Selina, I haven’t seen many Japanese chicks with jugs like that. Or is that supposed to be you?

    Any truth to this story or is it pure fiction? Are you big in Japan? Live at Budokan? (Budakon?)

    Good to see you back. I was going to send out a search party on the 14th day. Work or pleasure?

  2. He was doing you and guys at the same time? Serious?
    Yes it was time to say goodbye.
    You like that song “My Woman From Tokyo”?

  3. The sad thing and this seriously isn’t a joke Selina:

    My wife teaches Anime for a living…

    I am always walking by when some cartoon with subtitles is on going…”Gay…”

  4. PaulMCT: Unholy is my middle name! Unfortunately my jugs aren’t quite as flotation-like. Those things are like bazookas! She could poke someone’s eye out.

    I think anyone taller than 5’4 is big in Japan.

    Lisa: I’m trying to organize a trip to Tokyo right now. Don’t know the song, but will def check it out.

    Steve: That’s freaky deaky! Is she an art teacher, or an anime teacher? Anime has lots of gay undertones, and those Japanese folks, well, let’s just say they like their fantasies… and it shows!

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