Religion = (Hate x War – Lives) = Sacrifice


It was one of those really uncomfortable situations, like when someone farts in church and everyone knows it happened, and it stinks, but nobody can do anything about it… so they just sit there with the lingering fart until the smell finally fades and blends in with the stench of dust, incense, candles, and pedophilia.

Oops, did I say that?

Yeah I did. And back to the uncomfortable situation I was talking about. I was the ass, and my words were the fart and the Italians… they just wanted me to take my words back and change them into something more “Catholic”.

The conversation went a little something like this:

her: “So when are the girls being baptized? you need to start planning.”

me: “Ummm baptized? Ha ha ha ha ha. No”

her: “What do you mean Selina, you’re not going to baptize the girls? Do you want them to burn in an eternal hellfire and be condemned to a life of satan worshipping?”

me: “I think that’s a little extreme don’t you think. I don’t make decisions based on fear, and I don’t want my girls to either. They can figure things out for themselves when they are old enough to evaluate their options, and I will support whatever they choose.”

her: “So you are going to let them live in sin, and you are okay with them going to hell? Pssshh some mother you are.”

Me: [pissed by this point] “I don’t believe in hell… and if I did, this would be it… right here on earth. The greed, the hatred, the disrespect for humanity our environment, stereotypes, double standards, suicide bombers, racism, sexism, judgement and betrayal, war, terrorism, politics, and George Bush. Most of those things wouldn’t exist without Religion (well… except for maybe G-Dub).”

her: “I’m going to pray for you and those innocent little girls.”

me: “No really, Please don’t… don’t drag us into your life of guilt, fear, and irrational logic. I am happy, we are happy, and we don’t need organized religion to make us spiritual well rounded people. In fact by subscribing to religion, we would be ostracizing and alienating others by declaring that one way of life is superior over another. That in itself is not reflective of loving thy sisters and thy brothers is it?”


me: [again and on a role] “Don’t think that I am some Atheist unholy evil bitch who’s never gone to Sunday School, read the bible, or stepped foot inside of a church. Au contraire…. I’ve done my research, i’ve researched Catholisism and other religions and you know what, it’s not for me okay. So don’t try to push your beliefs on me or the girls BECAUSE WE ARE SPIRITUAL NOT RELIGIOUS AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO BURN IN HELL BECAUSE WE ARE NOT DROPPING DOLLARS INTO YOUR FUCKING COLLECTION PLATE EVERY SUNDAY WHILE FATHER WILLIAMS GETS BLOWJOBS FROM AN ALTER BOY!”

{oops, went a wee bit far with that one, even though it’s true}

her: [shakes head with angry disapproving “you’re going to hell” look]

me: “If you wanna talk to me about LIFE, me, you, the girls, something OTHER than being something that i’m not… I’m all ears, but until then… Go find somebody else to convert, somebody worth converting”.

her: [with a look of disgust] “You’re a bad mother… Selfishly choosing a life of sin for your daughters!”

me: “You’re a bad human. And oh so brainwashed too. I’m just a person trying to live my life the best way I know how. If you wanna discount us from your life because i’m not forcing Catholisism on my girls, that’s your choice, but this baptism thing… ain’t happening! Capishe?”

her: [gives me the Italian “fuck you” gesture and walks off]

And I stood there and watched the all-in-black God-fearing guilt carrying evil little Italian woman walk away from me and out of my life, and out of the girls lives…

Why? Because I chose not to force religion on my girls….

Call me what you will, but fearful I am not. Mindless I am not. And I believe the world would be a better place if we embraced universal oneness and stopped this my God is better than your God bullshit!

We are humans… We bleed… We cry… We live… We die…. and until the world embraces this concept, we will continue to exist in hell and live the kind of lives that are counterproductive to human evolution.

Religion… It’s the root of all evil.


9 thoughts on “Religion = (Hate x War – Lives) = Sacrifice

  1. Can’t wait for some bible thumpers to react to this. Daaaaaaaaaamn, that’ll be sweet to read their propaganda.

  2. Mion: I kind of cringed after I pressed “publish” because I was fully expecting a full on verbal fanatical war with someone… likely some religious fanatical random surfer who stumbled upon my site and doesn’t get me or my style of writing…

    i’m waiting… patiently.

    Steve: You’re right. Teaching your kids how to blow themselves up in a crowded marketplace where Westerners are can’t be all that bad as long as it’s in the name of religion right?! I wonder what the life expectancy is for some of those poor fuckers! I wish I could shake some of these people!

    Poobah: Well, I’d be honoured!! I think i’d have a lot of molitov cocktails thrown at my church windows though unfortunately. And i’d probably have several assasination attempts on my non-filtering ass, so it’s probably best that I just continue to write my unpopular fiction on my unpopular website for the time being 🙂 i’m okay with that.

  3. If this lady had any idea of what she was talking about, she would know that the Catholic Church has lightened it’s unofficial view on Limbo recently, offering promise that unbaptized babies can get into Heaven. I say unofficial because Limbo has never been an official Church teaching and the notion of it is nowhere to be found in the bible. It was made up by some Saint forever ago and they’ve followed along like good little sheep since.

    As far as I’m concerned, the belief that Jesus and God only have love and offer salvation for those who participate in Church activities is moronic.

  4. What’s funny is that what you said is true.

    Religion is the cause of strife and oppression. It was the case in Jesus’ day too when the priests ended up killing him by nailing him to a tree.

    The Bible says God IS love not HAS love. Therefore the very notion of hellfire and pergatory are not indicative of anything God would do. The belief in Hell is actually nothing more than Greek philosophy and is not a Biblical teaching at all. In fact Catholism was founded on merging pagan beliefs with so called Christian teachings so much so in fact that the Christian aspect of Catholism is non-existant. Hell their pope has even gone to the point of disregarding the Bible and it’s teaching.

    The Bible states that baptism must be only for those old enough to realise their actions and accepted life in God’s service. This means that baby baptism is in fact wrong so good for you standing up to Catholic cow.

    It ammuses me how people can blindly accept religious teachings without finding out about their origins. Christmas is the pagan worship of the Roman sun god. Easter is the pagan worship of the god Tammus who is the god of fertility. The cross is the symbol of Tammus and is not what Jesus was nailed to on account of the Romans using stakes for torture. The stakes were nothing more than a straight piece of wood thus having the arms straight up above the head. This makes it more difficult and very painful for the torture victim. It is a slow painful death so for Catholics to put so much value on the cross should lead one to question their beliefs.

    As always it’s so glad to see you put people in their places.

  5. This post you put up Lingo is why I don’t attend church anymore.

    I am surprised the brainwashed haven’t stopped by to rip you apart with the “love your neighbor” technique I’ve seen so much of LOL!

  6. This is an important message, please read and pass it along. God has made contact. The message is about Revelation. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost respectively. It was sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First . The message is this: In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don’t think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, Birth. God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. AS birth on Earth is painful so will birth in Heaven. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of God’s Angels in the Spring of 2006. Yes, God has made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. Tell two people. OH, one more thing. Did you know that Mike Douglas died on his Birthday. Melanie Steffan

  7. Jesus with all of his other messages also revealed ‘Who Killed JFK?’. Yes, that does sound crazy but God does see everything, doesn’t he. God saw the shooter. Guess what he gets on Judgment Day? The man that shot John F. Kennedy was a policeman. He was hiding behind a tree on the same side of the road as the presidents car aproached. The letters in his name are F. Ritter. More than one person was involved. That is all of the information that Jesus gave out. Melanie Steffan

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