Baby Danglers, Power Trippers, and the Best of Intentions!

Today I heard that Steve, that Crocodile Hunter guy died… I guess he was stung by something. Here’s the excerpt I read:

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin pulled the barb of a bull stingray out of his chest with his hands moments before succumbing to the deadly blow, video footage of the accident showed yesterday.

And then I was thinking, “Fuck… That sounds like a video I’d like to watch!”. Okay okay, I know, that’s probably not appropriate, but I know you’re thinking it too *nudge* (am I right?). So I guess now that he’s dead, he’s a brave hero who had balls of steel. Yet I remember not long ago, he was “that fucking whacko baby dangler who should go bowling with Michael Jackson!” So I guess that baby danglers are forgiven once they die. So, the way that MJ’s headed… He won’t have long before he’s a legend again!

Rest in peace Croc Dude… You were one crazy bastard, but i’ll admit, I sorta liked you at times when I was bored flipping through the television channels.

I guess Blogger isn’t allowing my photos to be linked on WordPress (a powertrip if I ever heard one). My images are fine on Blogger, but they don’t seem to work on WordPress, or if they do, it’s momentarily. Interesting too because my Blogger site is still up! Hmmm.

I was laughing so hard on the way home today thinking (and retelling) the story of how I once tried to help my dad while stoned! I must have been 17 or so and was going through driving lessons at the time… So, needless to say, I wasn’t a stellar driver. I had just come home from smoking a nice big dube to find him crashed out on the couch (as he so often did) and I thought “shit, his car is on the road… he’s gonna get a ticket, I should move it for him”. So I did, and I scraped the paint off on our fence in the process! I drove the car up the driveway scratching the passenger side against the fence the entire time. So in the end, I costed him a few hundred dollars worth of damage… all to save him from getting a $20 ticket! My dad loves me though! My intentions were good. They usually are… I think.

14 thoughts on “Baby Danglers, Power Trippers, and the Best of Intentions!

  1. Nah, I really don’t want to see that. It is difficult these days to find courageous people that work hard for what they believe in.

    He was filming a program to displace fears of stingrays. It is unfortunate that he was killed by one.

    His belief in education and parenting were a needed addition to this shithole we call Earth.

    Maybe I am just taking it all too seriously.

  2. yikes, sorry patrick. didn’t mean no disrespect… i was just being me. and god knows, i am not a holder of respectable opinions! i was mainly poking fun at how fucked the meda is (with that whole baby dangler comment) and how people change their opinions at the drop of a hat. people are so fickle.

    he was a good dude though… i agree! crazy, but cool.

  3. I got your message Lingo. I had a feeling you were pointing out how the Media can turn.

    I liked watching that crazy Aussie, when nothing else good was on the TV.

    I don’t think I could watch the footage of somebody dying though, celebrity or not.

  4. Hey SeLiNa.

    I liked good old Steve-O too. I loved his enthusiasm and he seemed so sincere…(I’ll admit that there’s that morbid curiosity part of me that wants to see the footage, but there’s also a part of me that doesn’t. If his family releases the footage because he died doing what he loved, then I’ll watch it, I think…It’s good for closure as well)…

    I know what you mean about the media spin though…

    Take care out there, SeLiNa.

    Your Pal,


  5. You know I’m a purveyor of the morbid, what with my “Dead Guy” site and all so I have to agree with you on that’s one of the first things that ran through my head is I’d like to see that- I just can’t imagine how it could have happened without seeing.

    As for the media- I prefer Memorex DVD+R.

  6. Congrats on getting out of Blogger hell.

    Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot of comparisons between the Croc Hunter and Grizzly Man. I think it’s unfair. The Croc Hunter was trained and informed and knew what he was doing. Grizzly Man was an unmedicated manic depressive who thought in his mania that he could live with grizzly bears without any training or knowledge (though he didn’t deserve to get eaten alive).

  7. Macbros: Yeah… it’s one of those things that would have to be decided if you had the actual video footage sitting in front of you. I don’t think that footage will ever see the light of day though, nor should it really.

    Zambo: Right you are! That zany Stev-o did has a spunk for life and lots of enthusiasm. The only thing that I (as well as others) was slightly put off by, is the fact that his death made front page news, but 4 Canadian soldiers also died in battle! Anyway… C’est La Vie I guess!

    Diane: LoL!! That was slick, that Memorex comment! You got some sharp wit there sister! I hate the mainstream media (in case you couldn’t tell)…

    S*: Thanks! I am happy to be out of Blogger hell… I’ve been having nothing but problems, and enough was finally enough! So far i’m diggin’ WordPress, just have a few logistical things to sort out. Grizzly Man sounds certifiably insane! Damn!! Insane, but brave I guess!

    Steve: I’ll put some shrimp on the barbie and we’ll swig a few ales in his memory! I remember watching him one day and hearing him say “now, this is a REALLY BAD IDEA, but doing it anyway!” LOL!

  8. Like the new site. Yeh, live life enough on the edge and it’ll catch up with ya, like it did Steve Irwin. But what the heck, you only live til you die, no matter what.

    A disagreement with S’s comment that the grizzly dude “didn’t deserve to get eaten alive”. Yes, he did. Stupidity SHOULD exact a price, and stupidity that massive should result in a little cleansing of the gene pool. I’m pulling for the grizzly dude to get a special recognition in The Darwin Awards.

  9. Kinda of sucks eh?

    I mean one of the most docile creatures on earth and a chance flick of the tail piercing his heart with its poisonous barb.

    I have to admit however that I’ve been expecting this for sometime. There’s only so much you can push nature before it bites you.

    BTW Selina, if you want I can give you some code to change your Blogger template to automatically redirect to your new site if you want it.

    It’s what I use when I keep changing my site around. 🙂

  10. I was really shocked about the Crocodile Hunter too. I tried to find the video. Did you see it?

    Anyway, I’m SOOO happy you’ve moved to WordPress!


  11. It’s all that kitten snorting SeLiNa! LMAO I posted a “You Moved” yesterday. SO glad to see you on WP. Now about those trackbacks…. lol. You’ll have lots of fun playing with the plugins.

  12. Yeah man that was a trip, I’d like to see the vid too.

    So glad you switched to wordpress, man what a pain in the ass your other site was sometimes!

    Oh yeah and if you need anywhere to store photos just give me a yell.

  13. think i’ll have a drink to ‘ol Stevo (:
    it was filmed so it will eventually leak into the net.

    nice round here init, don’t like the way you the have to pay to edit ya CSS tho ):

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