You’re fuckin’ right i’m coo coo for Cocoa Puffs!

Sometimes I get trippy or perhaps a little lippy
When i’m feelin’ sorta slippy
And my life is a kinda snippy

My subconscious can get drippy
Because the lines are somewhat dippy
And the world becomes all quippy

I turn to language when i’m tippy
Because it makes me feel all skippy
And my consciousness more zippy!


4 thoughts on “Ippy

  1. That’s trippy when you get lippy and so skippy when your consciousness is zippy. So glad you’re writing’s not rippy but rather off the lippy or perhaps a bit whippy. Keep it up, Lingo!

  2. Poobah: Yes, Yes I have!!! No doubt about that… I think this is what happens when people go off their meds… only I wasn’t on them to begin with, when perhaps I should have been. Oh well, I’ll never know!

    MrCorey: Oooooh checks out the skill on you! Love the rhyming comment! Damn!! Wish more people left me poetic comments like that!

  3. Hey SeLiNa!

    I’m glad you’re not a hippie…
    And You’re certainly no chippy!
    With my nails I get all clippy…
    For eggs, I bring the flippy…
    And for that post I yell out, “Yippee”!

    Your Pal,

    a.k.a. Flippy…
    (I’ll flip ya…I’ll flip ya fo real)…

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