Pablo Esteban Blanco

I received a text message at 7:30 am one morning.

“We need to talking… abaut you and me.”

I didn’t recognize the number. I was confused and intrigued. I thought maybe it was a friend playing a trick on me or something.

2 mins later another one came in:

“Were we go rong baby? Why you ignore me in 8 months?”

I scratched my head (perplexed) and thought “maybe they have the wrong number”.

Then another one came in:

“You say you enjoy to have love with me. Why you no let go. Let me be with one other.”

My eyes widened with horror… It was Pablo, the psychotic Puerto Rican guy that I met over a year ago at a salsa club after a series of double martinis! I vaguely remember shagging him in the parking lot in the back seat of his Escalade. I (unfortunately) gave him my number and had been dodging him ever since. After 8 months of obsessive phone calls, messages, and some heavy stalking, I changed my mobile number because it was becoming intense. He was showing up at my gym, my work, outside my apartment. He was leaving me multiple messages and even asking my coworkers about me. I was artfully dodging him each and every time, in fact I became very good at it.

Alas, I had to give up my amazing apartment and quit my job, because the day came when my dodging was futile and he stood before me, me standing there like a deer caught in head lights. He cried and said “I just want love to you”. I told him to hold on a second while I ran up to my apartment. I locked the door and didn’t come out. I felt bad, but I didn’t know what else to do. He cried outside of my door for a few hours, shouting random nonsense and eventually went home. I moved out a short while later and found another job.

Yet, here he was… Persistent Pablo… The resourceful and oblivious guy that he is, once again, with my contact information. How? I will never know… Not sure I would want to either.

I did what I should have done a lot sooner, I text messaged him back:

“Pablo, look. You are a very nice guy… but I was extremely drunk and horny that night, don’t confuse lust with love. I know you don’t want to believe this, but I just used you for sex. I only wanted to fuck you Pablo. Please don’t contact me any more. It’s not gonna happen okay!”

And that was the last I heard.


15 thoughts on “Pablo Esteban Blanco

  1. OMG! Hell I’d have been scared and pissed! So how long ago was that? Hope you’ve heard the last of him. Fingers crossed for you. And damn those Puerto Rican men! All hot and posessive. haha.

  2. Poobah: D’ya think? I smell a restraining order…

    Jazz: While I’d like to be able to say that this is a based on a real life story, it is in fact just another one of my flash fiction pieces (inspired by various sources). I like to write in first person.

  3. Selina: I like how you don’t let the reader know whether you are writing fact or fiction. I’ve considered doing this a few times myself. Good story.

  4. Unfortunately we all have a Pablo in our lives.

    Mine is a cat… But I was neither drunk, nor horny and nor did I have sex with the cat. But damn, he won’t leave me the fuck alone!!!

  5. Hey SeLina.

    That prick Pablo did the same thing to me!!! I mean just ’cause we had sex all night, he thought we had something. Then, when the fuck-a-thon was over, he wanted to cuddle! What a fag, huh?

    Anyway, take care out there, SeLiNa!

    Hope you have a splendid weekend, little momma!

    Your Pal,


  6. Joel: I agree, honesty is always the best policy! Except perhaps if you are dealing with a compulsive liar, in which case… a fib or two is totally warranted.

    Fred: Thanks, I actually worry about that sometimes… šŸ˜‰ I get paranoid because I write some pretty provocative things… but really my life isn’t nearly as interesting as the characters in my stories. I draw inspiration from other people, stories, real life events, dreams, and random thoughts… then i morph them all into a crazy ass piece.

    MacBros: šŸ˜› You were probably drunk and horny as well. It WAS a Friday night after all.

    Steve: Wow… I can honestly say i’ve never heard anyone complain about a persistent pussy before. Most guys would welcome that! šŸ˜‰

  7. Thanks Zambo, as always! Sorry to hear that Pablo went all Fembot on your ass too. So oblivious! Anyway, I am continuing to have a splendid weekend… busy, but splendid none the less.

  8. i hadda poot my self? ina, how you say, the rehab cuza i overdosed on you…

    you just doo things to me and my brother..make us crazy! it eez almost creeminal the things you do to us!

    youa like the…chica version of crack!

  9. ok,
    maybe he does need a, how do you say in la stalkero…restraining order?
    but, he is muis caliente?
    i am concerned tho lingo, that is kinda weirdish.
    just wanted to tell ya you is popular INTERNATIONALLY, im in kenya, east africa,read you as often as i can.
    novel writing buisiness can be a tad shyty, especially when you realise you have grown a bit from the pms anti-humanity chapters of pages 2-34 to wherever you might stand now,
    im posting a novel at, ckeck it out and comment, your opinion kinda wud matter, your shit is hilarious. also chech out doin watchadu.
    need to get bak to my alternate dimension…

  10. how you say thank you chico…. wow! what a compliment. no one has ever told me i was like crack before! šŸ™‚

    naddasaki: thank you for visiting the site and for commenting. i love that the site has international appeal… very cool. i will definitely take a peak at your novel (i love the title btw).

  11. Good one, Selina. You had me going. But then again…it hit a little close to home. You know me and my psycho men.

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