Childhood Memories

Above: My mom, brother and I, our
very 1st week in Canada

I once convinced my friend Ryan that there was a private jet coming to pick us up at the fire hydrant across the street. I made him pack a suitcase, I packed one myself, and I told him that we would probably need some “snacks” for the trip (hint hint). After packing his own suitcase and sniping some delicious cookies from his house, we waited patiently by the fire hydrant. While we waited, I suggested that we indulge in some treats. So we stood there, with our suitcases in front of the fire hydrant… waiting for this private jet. And when the cookies were all gone, I simply said “heh… I guess the plane’s not coming today” and went home… leaving him standing there with nothing but a suitcase and a sandwich bag with some crumbs in it.

I ran away from home one time… My mom was just being a mom, and I couldn’t deal, so I packed a bag and off I went… Three doors down, to my friend Jessies house. After being there for a few hours (completely with the mindset that I had “moved out”, I was “on my own” in the big bad world) I started wondering… “why aren’t they coming looking for me?!”“don’t they care that their 6 year old daughter RAN AWAY?!”… Finally I decided to go home. Angry, and feeling like nobody cared, I yelled at my mom “how come you didn’t come after me? Didn’t you care that I ran away?”, to which she calmly answered “honey, I watched you walk to Jessies house”.


17 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. Hey SeLiNa!

    You were cute as a button in that pic!
    Those stories were pretty cute too…

    I hope all is going well these days and that you’re enjoying your new kicks.

    Take care out there!

    Your Pal,


  2. That plane story was pure genius.

    It seems you were as smart then as you are now.

    Mind you I remember my dad telling my little sister’s friend that aircraft were filled up in mid-air by a service station attendant being let out on a rope and he would then fill up the plane.

    She believed him. She was about 16 at the time.

  3. Thanks Zambo! Ohhh I am enjoying my new kicks! I even got away with wearing them to the office yesterday!

    Ha ha… Wookie, I think my dad told me something similar actually! I wasn’t 16 though… I was 18! 😉 jk.

  4. Hey gurl!!

    Love the pic! Glad you came here to Canada since your ideas, experiences and general being is what makes your friends tick sometimes….I know you have made me think more then once. Thanks for that.

    So the next show is coming up…are you ready?

    So any planes leaving from the nearest fire hydrant anytime soon?? GET ME OUT OF HERE

  5. Wise woman, that Mom of yours. In our house, all of us (parents included) were hoping my sister would run away for real…no such luck. We even tried moving without telling her, but she tracked us down. The smell of money must be strong.

    BTW, where did you come from to get to Canada…if I can be so nosy?

  6. izzy: thanks 🙂 a lot of people tell me i look like my mom. sometimes i see it, but sometimes i don’t… and sometimes i hope that i don’t turn into my mom, because that would be bad.

    peggy: so glad you are blogging again! i will update my link to your new site. yes i am both nervous and stoked about saturday.

    ramblingmuse: hey i missed you around here. glad to see you 🙂

    poobah: my mom (as much as i hate to admit it at times) is indeed a wise woman. i hail from wales u.k.

  7. lol, once my younger sister said she was running away, and when asked where should we go, she replied to my mum as if she were stupid, “To NANAS!”

    p.s. Welcome to my humble blog. I hope your stay brings much traffic 😀

  8. uh heh…i threatened to run away from home on numerous occasions…each time, my parents offered to help me pack…

  9. oooh patrick, i like the sounds of that one! you’re gonna have to write about it, or at least share it with us here!

    benjamin: thank you oh humble landlord. i enjoyed your site and i don’t schmooze with too many other writers (although bloggers are also writers, i mean writers as in what we write), so it’s sorta nice to rent from one.

  10. chico: that’s totally how my parents were… i think i will maybe be like that too. it’s calling the bluff. gotta put on that poker face!

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