Chuck Taylors

My chuck collage (don’t mind the bed head)

Today I got a pair of the greatest shoes ever made. Yep, I got a pair of Chuck Taylors! I don’t know why… But shoes make me happy! And these… these are not just any shoes! These are the legendary, the one and only, the most recognized shoe in the world… The classic Black High Top Chuck Taylor, the first ones ever made!

Having these shoes is very nostalgic… Since they’ve been around for my entire time on this planet! I had a pair as a teenager, and now I have them again. How many people can say that they were able to get the same pair of shoes they rocked over 14 years ago?! I remember I used to write on mine… The White rubber was perfect for doodling and drawing on with a standard Blue Bic pen! I’d write crazy things on my shoes and literally cover them with words and little symbols.

Ohhh the memories that these shoes bring me! What about you? Did you have a pair? Do you have a pair now?

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11 thoughts on “Chuck Taylors

  1. I think Chuck’s are definitely hot on a girl, especially if they’re wearing no socks and a short mini-skirt.

  2. Hey SeLiNa!

    Nice kicks!

    I never had the high tops, but I had a pair of the low cuts…(I know it’s not the same, but I never really cared for high cut sneakers for some reason)…I think they look good on others, but they’re just not my thing…

    Are you gonna write on these lingo kickers? If so, please share with the group.

    Take care out there, SeLiNa!

    Your Pal,


  3. when i used to skootboard i used um but the did fall apart fast (skootin’). When i got a new board i would use Tipp-Ex and “paint” the Converse logo on me griptape, it looked fookin’ cool.

    For some strange reason i’ve got some pink high-tops (no, i’m not gay) and a pair of low-tops with sequins on (these are way to small for me but…. sequins. Really, not gay), they’re hanging up by me curtains (hmmm, maybe it’s time i did some thinking bout my sexuality). i never wear any of um but it’s nice to have um kickin’ around.

  4. I have a really dirty pale pink pair (these are no good unless there real trashed and old), an all black pair, as in black rubber, black laces, very stylish and a olive green pair with sheeps skin on the inside. Now those last ones are fakes but their really very cool so I don’t care that they where made by an opportunistic chinese factory cause they make me look good! When I was a teenager I couldn’t afford them so now I indulge…

  5. They made a huge comeback when I was in middle school. My mom wouldn’t buy me any cuz she said they made my feet look like clown feet (long and skinny and big I guess?). I’m still hurting that Mom didn’t let me assimilate.

  6. i have a pair of size 47 clown shoes that i have memories of…

    ah but that was another time, another place, another mindset…

    (*sniff, sniff*)

    damn, chica, whyja hafta make me go there…?

    jesus, the tragedy of flunking out of clown school…i made all the kids cry…

  7. In my day, Keds were the choice of the preteen set because they made you, “run faster and jumo higher!”…and let’s face it, who can forego a good jump.

    In high school what we called tennis shoes were out of vogue…more heavy, wafflestomper hiking boots. But every sell respecting kid did have a pair of Chuck Taylors for gym.

    Chuck Taylors…Nike of the 60s.

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