The Real Reason Why Men Become Gynecologists

I met him in med school… He was always juggling 3 or 4 women at one time and was very good at it. My interest in him was thwarted by the fact that I was a colleague of his, and that he was studying to be a gynecologist (and for all the wrong reasons). I felt sorry for the many many future women patients that he would encounter and seduce while under his “care”. On the other hand, at least he would know what to do when he got the clap, crabs, gonnorhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, or some other slutty sex disease.

In my thirties, recently divorced, and finding myself alone in a new city, I was forced to look for a new doctor, a new dentist, and all of the other conveniences that one comes to know when living in a neighbourhood for any extended amount of time. Aware that it was time for my annual pap test, I made an appointment at the Peach Street Doctors Office.

“Umm do you have a female doctor?” I asked the receptionist

“Yes, yes we do. Her name is Dr. Jade. Would you like to come in next Wednesday?”

I sighed (relieved) and said “Yes, see you then!”

The following Wednesday I didn’t bother shaving and sculpting myself the way I normally would and instead just rolled out of bed and threw on my Yoga pants and tank top and headed to the Peach Street Doctors Office.

I went right in (didn’t have to wait) and was escorted into Dr. Jade’s office. I looked at the photograph of her family on her desk. The perfect looking family… Cute husband, stunning daughter, nice looking son, and a chocolate lab… She had a warm smile and kind eyes… I was happy that it was her that would be examining my box.

Suddenly the door swung open and to my horror, it was Dr. Neilson (aka – Darren)… The slutty and disgustingly handsome guy I went to med school with. My face turned a bright shade of crimson and I swallowed hard.

“Joanne? Is that you?” he said.

“Ummm yes… (playing dumb like I had forgotten all about him)… Do I know you?”

“It’s me, Darren!! From Med school” he said.

“Oh of course! Wow! What are you doing around here… I mean, yah, you look great. Ummm where’s Dr. Jade?”

“Ohhh she had a family emergency, so she called me in to take her patients for her.”

“I see… so uhhh you’re gonna be… ummm… examining me?”

He smiled grandly and followed it up with a guilty but cute laugh, “Well Joanne, only if you want me to, after all, we’re all professionals here right?!”

“Ummm…. okay… ahhh let me think about this for a minute here.”

“If you’d like, you can reschedule with Dr. Jade. If that would make you more comfortable. I wouldn’t be offended Joanne. I totally understand.”

I was silent for a minute or two as I looked down at the floor pondering my options and thinking about how stubbly my nether region was and how I was wearing the 2 year old cotton panties with the holes in them. I figured I could never come back after this… I might even have to move out of town.

“Okay, what the hell” I said as I slowly and nervously began removing my Yoga pants.

“Great” he said with a smile.

It started off quite professionally. He had the gloves on, he was making sure I was comfortable. He wasn’t making me feel weird or creeped out… And then (in an almost magical maneuver) he kissed me (while still examining me), and the next thing you know we’re going at it right there on the patient bed, me with my legs still in the stirrups. He fucked me and then left the room to see his next patient, like it was all so routine!

As I was doing up my pants and getting ready to leave, it hit me….

OH MY GOD… I AM one of those “future” women I felt sorry for back in med school. As hard as it was for me to fathom that, I headed to the front reception desk with a smile that was hard to hide. I booked a follow up appointment for the following month… with Dr. Neilson.


37 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Men Become Gynecologists

  1. A gynecologist office on Peach Street … I love it! So subtle … yet so brilliant.

    I don’t know much about women, but I’d figure you’d get all doll’d and trim’d up to see the gynecologist (even if the doctor is a woman). Kinda like everyone brushes and flosses extra long before going to the dentist.

  2. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, good job! No normal woman LIKES to have paps done, unless you get a little action while you’re there, then – well hell, an exam a little more often than the usual annual is a great thing. So awesome!

    By the way, Mion – I didn’t catch the Peach Street thing until you said something, too funny! LOL

  3. All of my gynos have been women except for one male gyno who was a specialist that I was referred to by my female gyno for some testing. He ended up being the doctor who delivered me over 27 years ago.

    He’s over 70 now and I bet that with the number of pussies he has seen during the years of his practice, I don’t think sex is on his mind while examining. At least I hope it isn’t…

  4. This is a weird story, what if you were not interested in the dr and he would have done that to you. Sorry this is a male OB/GYN women should NEVER go to! To do something so unproffessional during an exam is horrific.

  5. It’s called fiction for a reason people..
    I’ve always thought that a woman would rather see a female gyn. For a guy to want to specialize in Ob/Gyn? Yeah, it’s a little twisted, but then in the old days medicine in this country was very twisted, especially the patriarchal view of pregnancy.
    FYI-I’m a guy, just curious as to whether male Ob/Gyn’s are all perverts…

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  7. I try to understand why a women would go to a male Ob/Gyn doctor. Women always think men think with their penis. Why are these males different. Sure they see many women but I bet they love to examin a women who they find attraxtive. Does fear of a malpratice suite stop (some) male doctors from thinking sexually or getting that extra little feel. I don’t think so. But hey whatever floats your boat.

  8. Try not to go to male gyn. unless you have to. Its not that they are male. Imagine, who being a male will want to become this? So, either he was good for nothing in the medical field or.. you know what.

  9. The Real Reason I Became a Gynecologist: First I acquired a genuine interest “in” vaginas. πŸ˜‰ Then I met a girl who had a mother who liked to wear yoga pants. Her muffin was always busting loose. I told the girl that I could take care of her mom’s problem. So one day I went to the laundry room and confronted the mother. I explained my love for vaginas and how I was really familiar with one looked like because I had been practicing on her daughter. I told her I like raspberries and I hear that’s what you offer this week. So I propped her up on the vibrating washer and let her use my tongue as a as a tool to aid her in making her vagina feel better because I like helping vaginas and I was doing my job. After a thorough exam which included some prodding and poking around, I knew I wanted to help other women because vaginas are important and so are you. Plus I like eating fish and chips so when I’m doing my job I always feel like I’m at Red Lobster. πŸ˜‰

    Now, the other reason I became a gynecologist was because I couldn’t become a physician. For the longest time I always wondered what other scrotums felt like. After two weeks of getting my fill, and rating each one according to bumpiness, grooming, droopiness, and likeness to famous actors, I got fired for “joking” that I couldn’t find this guy’s penis. It’s not my fault his bush was hiding his penis making me think I was getting pranked. But it was through that I realized my true love for vaginas again. A week later I rented an old ice cream truck and started my own mobile gynecology service. Every patient gets an ice cream cone after I eat out of theirs.

  10. am not a medical student or a professional Gyna………..but i feel i can help women with their mermaids of problems. well, we can not avoid the fact tat sometimes you might have to fall into sex plays with them, especially if you are good looking, smart, well dressed all the time (thats one of the things that women like), i feel with control, one can keep the practice and remain chaste. its all in the mind and a matter of principle.

  11. Total slut…………Then again any women who has a pelvic examination by a men isn’t much good anyway.

  12. huuhhh..i guess that man’s job will be my future..(i still wonder why the hell did i put gynecology on my scholarship’s application…??!but hey,i’m a girl,and the whole world must be grateful to me as the women populations to become gynecologist is increasing..this is still not assuring though.damn.)

  13. Hey Terri…. My obgyn is a male, he is one of the top infertility specialists in the country. I’m hardly a slut and have been diagnosed years ago with pcos which is making it very difficult for my husband and I to have a child. Male obgyns have been the only ones so gar that know anything about, and care to help with my pcos. So go fuck yourself, not every woan who goes to a male obgyn is a slut. Theyre still doctors you idiot.

  14. You only have to read news article to know these guys get turned on, many male docs in court for it, so don’t be fooled or brainwashed like many……in society!

  15. Wow sound like someone got a good dicking In the dr.’s office and the guy sounds very creepish and sick in the head

  16. why you permitted the guy gyn kissed you and fucked you while he exam you ? oh, so sorry ,i image the number girls the guy gyn met every day !! ,lol

  17. buy the way ,the man gyno doctor never be insensitive to the pussy though he have seen so many pussies everyday ,because every woman and every pussy are just unique like there are no 2 leaves are same ! the details of every pussy are different from each other!

  18. i also have bad experiance with an mail gyno, because he was by husbend’s friend I was not able to reveale that

  19. Not that much of a great job you’d think it is. It seems most of the beavers you are checking out are sick ones.

  20. You have to love the naivety don’t you? A medical license does not remove manhood!
    Men are sexual. Many women will never understand how sexual men are because they don’t live in a man’s head. Not all vaginas they look at are sick. In fact most are routine procedures or check ups on healthy vaginas. Men do get turned on touching an attractive woman’s vagina. They may remain professional but they still enjoy it. I challenge any healthy heterosexual man to get ‘bored’ looking at attractive vaginas, no matter how many he sees. Especially when he controls the show.
    Get real people. Seriously.

  21. That needs to be reported to an authority. I looked up “Peach Street Gyn” and I do not know if you meant this as fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, erotica.

    The doctor has a different code than the AMA. If he is real, OUT WITH HIS NAME. If not, well- scary story. Holy shit.

  22. If your story is based on a real experience you can make him lose his license. If not for youself, others. A gyn who has sex. What if a Pediatrician did the same? Who wants to have sex in a place with scalples.

    Please do not mess with me for saying these things. I am a ronin.
    I wrote urban magi and was nominated for #1 of 2013 like a million times. This matter gets MY attention, your article either sucks big time of sleaze or someone got hurt or will get hurt.

    You have to report this mofo. What if he is a serial killer, too? We have had a few in Portland. Good luck?


  23. How happy i feel for beeing married With a woman who never has seen a male doctor for any reason during her Whole life.She is now 50 years and we have been married for nearly 30 years and have 2 lovely children.She was a Virgin when we first met and i am the only man who has touched her body and seen her naked.She is very much conserned about dignity,privacy and she has a good moral.If this story told her is true,then i understand why she avoid male doctors.My wife is a nurse working in a hospital and she knows a lot about whats happening in hospitals about dignity and privacy.And she also says that she thinks male gynecologists are creepy and there is something suspicious With a man choosing a job like this.She says that her body is her property and she,and only she,can decide who can see and touch her body.I am still deeply in love With my wife and i hope that we get another 30 years of marriage.

  24. Not uncommon to come from the obgyn molested . mine would finger you as he ask you all sorts of questions and felt your breast with his other hand

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