Heat & Victims

I think the heat makes people irritable… It is so hot today that the air feels like a steam room, only more uncomfortable and not at all relaxing! Heat just makes people that are already hard to tolerate, even harder to deal with… It gives them an excuse to be an asshole! I noted this first hand today when dealing with a miserable trollop with a bad attitude who needs to be shot in the face! And just when I thought that my human interactions couldn’t be worse, I had another heat-victim to deal with… Amazing! Lingo just loves fanatical martyrs!

Why is it that miserable people always have to rub off their “my life sucks and it’s not getting any better, but i’m not doing anything about it because i’m too lazy and i love being a victim” vibes on others?! If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it is people who complain about their lives, circumstances or situations, but are not willing to do anything to change it…. I mean, seriously… What are these people thinking, that the prozac fairy is going to fly in through their fucking window, medicate them and make their lives brilliantly amazing with the stroke of a wand?! That someone or something is going to SAVE THEM!!! What a way to spend a life… And the only one you have at that!

Life is too short to be miserable… Life is too short to be lazy… Life is too short to be a fucking victim! These people are the most annoying of all humans! Suck it up and deal with it… Fuck, the rest of us do! Grow some balls (or breasts) and get on with it. Live your life, so that you don’t get to be an even more miserable (if that is even possible) 85 year old senior with a bag full of regret and remorse about all the things you should have, could have, and didn’t do with your pathetic life.

Ooooh look at me rant. Guess that heat is making me a bit irritable too! I better say something nice now to counteract the negative.

Okay… Switching to positive mindset now… Annnnnnnnnd GO:

Some girls and boys look absolutely delicious in this HOT CALIENTE weather! I love when boys wear sandals and sheer linen shirts with cargo shorts… I love when girls wear sleeveless dresses and strappy sandals… I love when kids play in the water to keep cool… I love when dogs have their tongues hangin’ out cuz it’s so damn hot that they can barely breathe… I love how my ass sticks to the leather in my car when I get in and burns like a bitch! I love that my A/C is working!


9 thoughts on “Heat & Victims

  1. I love the heat. So much Eye Candy. Ya’ see more convertables, and half naked chicks. So many things to see and people to do.

    About the negetive paople. I agree with you 100%
    Where I work, if one person is negetive, it’ll effect at least 20 others.
    We have this one person that will come in, and from start to finish they’ll sit there and moan and complain about anything and everything.
    That person is the one that will show up for a couple of hours and leave with some lame ass excuse about not feeling well. (more because nobody will pay any attention to her probably)
    Anyway she’s out on stress leave, LOL! We keep asking the supervisors if she’s comming back, hoping for them to say that she quit.

    I just hate being around people like that.

    I don’t love my job a whole lot either, but I need it just as much as the others working with me. But when I’m at work I try to make the best of it trying not to be in a bumbed out mood to just make matters worse.

    I have a blog to let people know how much I hate my job, if you don’t want to read it, at least you have the option to hear me rant or not.

    But that’s my opinion, and you’re entitled to it.

    Heh, guess you struck a nerve on me too. What a rant ey’?

  2. I get annoyed by those “why me, why me” people. I know more than a few people like that. They love the attention that they get with their stories of how their wives/husbands treat them crappy. Who cares. The best thing about working in an office that’s closing is that I don’t have to deal with any annoying people. They were the first ones to go.

  3. “I love when boys wear sandals and sheer linen shirts with cargo shorts… ”

    All we where here in Sacramento from around May 1st to October 15th.

    As far as girls, I am an advocate of tank tops and way too short shorts. The occasional thong sighting is a bonus.

    Yes, the baby is due this week. Must return to focus…

  4. i love this line, “prozac fairy is going to fly in through their fucking window,”.
    this explains everything. i sleep with my windows close. no wonder i’m so miserable.

    thank goodness i only have one miserable person at this new location. one day he caught at a bad moment and before i knew it i blurted out, “you and your partner are apparently not compatible and should seek psychiatric care. after 12 years in such a devastating relationship you both need meds.” i turned and walked away. at first i felt i had said to much. but you know what, not once since then has he mentioned his miserable relationship with his partner.

  5. I had to leave the commuting Atlanta life because I started having vivid visions of grabbing the tire iron from the trunk and beating a stranger to a near death state.

    I rationalized the idea by reminding myself that it was one less person that I would have to deal with each day.

    Kill, Kill, Kill.

    Thanks for the Selina, but I don’t live at: SYN/ACK/FIN anymore.

  6. The flipside is cold rainy days aren’t any better, in fact on the roads becomes worse.

    I have to use my car for my job and I live 42Kms away from work. I don’t mind the drive but on wet days the motorway becomes the freaking Muppet Show.

    People who would normally take the train and stay off the road somehow think that magucally rain will make them better drivers despite the fact they don’t drive the motorway as often. As such there are more nose to tails which I suppose is a good thing because it means these muppets will be off the road for a good while while their muppet mobile is getting fixed.

    It’s sad to see good cars being the victims of moronity.

    But I love warm days here, girls wearing summer clothing, bending over at just the right time to reveal nature’s finest creation (you’d be amazed at how often this happens).

    Unfortunately I tend to be the bastard who complains at work. I don’t complain about my life because that’s half ply pretty damn good but I complain at the complete idiocy that goes on in this place. I try to change things but no one listens to reason in this place so I give up.

    Does that count or is that another type of person?–>

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