If Kids Ruled The Universe

Our lakes and rivers would be made of fine Belgian chocolate.
The clouds would be marshmallow.
Instead of cars we would have jet packs.
Work would be replaced by 8 hours of PLAY!
Bills would be non-existent, only junk mail would come.
Parents would be in bed by 8 o-clock every night!
Religions would be based on our favourite cartoons.
Wars would be fought with Nerf balls and supersoakers.
The sunshine would always be out, winter or summer!
The streets would be lined with forts and treehouses.
The homeless would NEVER BE homeless.
Laughing for at least an hour a day would be mandatory.
Bad people would be sent to a remote and dismal place, forever!
We would never get older, only better and more fun.
Our language would be universal and always understood.
Money would never be an issue, if we wanted something, we’d wish it.
Our cartoon churches, would really be water parks, and we WOULD go every Sunday!
The sidewalks would be trampolenes, so we could bounce… Literally.
There would be no advertising, news or commercials, only cartoons.
No more magazines, newspapers, or journals, just pop-up books and comics.
Doctors would administer laughter, lolly pops, and sunshine to heal people.
Nobody would die, or age, or get sick.
Sharing and helping would be ingrained in who we are.
Every day at 6 we’d all play that parachute game.
Hide & Go would be a ritual before bedtime.
Nobody would ever say “I hate you”.
Our beds would be bouncy, soft fleece and would swallow us whole.
Nightmares would be non-existent, replaced with lucid dreams.
Every day we would learn something new.
If kids ruled the universe, we’d know the true meaning of happiness!


6 thoughts on “If Kids Ruled The Universe

  1. This doesn’t sound like a bad place to live. On the other hand, we have a “big kid” playing cowboy running the US and you can see how that’s working out for us.

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