A Sad Day for England :(

Well… I must go take the flag from my MINI and have a moment of silence… England fans everywhere are in utter despair at the devastating loss to Portugal we suffered today. I had tears in my eyes seeing their dreams of advancing to the semi-finals crushed before my very eyes! So very sad.

I am gonna do what any other hardcore England fan will do today and drown my sorrows in the bottle drinking the pain away… Cuz that’s how we get down! 😉

Thanks a lot Rooney!!! Way to ruin the game! You fucking pratt! Okay, I still love you… But I’m mad at you! You need to mellow out… Go smoke some funky buddha or something!

Gotta say though Portugal has been playing amazing in this World Cup. Ronaldo (who happens to play for my home team Manchester United) is a super star player, I just don’t think he’ll be able to return to England after this. Portugal deserves to win though… They’re damn good.

Ohhhh and today just happens to be CANADA DAY!!! Sooooo Happy Canada Day people!

Oh god… I just wrote a sports post didn’t I?! Fucking weird… Sorry, promise it won’t happen again! Especially now that World Cup is over for me… Perhaps in another 4 years, you’ll hear from my sporty alter ego.

Now… Back to writing crazy-ass flash fiction that simultaneously perplexes, disturbs, and intrigues, and let’s not forget committing blasphemy (tomorrow IS Sunday)!


9 thoughts on “A Sad Day for England :(

  1. “This blog is as complex as a human being.” so i think you’re entitled to your “sporty alter ego…”

    when usa choked, my allegience switched to england. so i share your loss…and now i’m drunker than a tibetan monkey in a chevy vega traveling along the pacific coast highway with a bottle of tequila and a joint the size of a cucumber…vive la sporty egos and world cup flu. see you in 4 years, lingo! ;o)

  2. Yeah, tragic. . . 😦

    So anyway, happy belated Canada day, Lingo! I put up a Canada tribute on my site if you want to take a listen. Mwahaha!

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is, it is just Soccer. It’s kicking a black and white ball into the net. How freaking sporting is that? So boring…

    Americans will never enjoy Soccer because it is not as glitzy or fast paced as Baseball. Go Giants!! Our athletes are juiced!!

  4. I mean, seriously… Beckham cried!! What’s up with that? All those years of playing a boring sport to have nothing at the end. I’d cry too… 🙂

  5. France beat Brazil!

    I’ve been a France fan since 98′ and it’s great seeing Henry doing his thing.

    I said it at the begining and I’ll say it again: France is going to win the world cup.

    I kid you not!

  6. i cheered for them lingo. i really did. and say what you want about rooney. i appreciated the little kick to the jimmy he delivered. that’s a little american foot-balls in there.

    has england actually never won a shootout? i heard that on espn.

    germany france in the final. and go germany!–>

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