Cool Inspiration

The longest I have ever stood in front of my fridge was for 3 hours… And I wasn’t looking for something to eat.

And on an unrelated note: FUCKING RIGHT ENGLAND!!! FUCKING RIGHT!


5 thoughts on “Cool Inspiration

  1. where did you get those!? i had a girlfriend who had those once. i want some!

    where did you get them!

  2. mlah – i got them from a book store actually. it is very addicting though… i bought them 6 years ago, and i still love standing there creating delicious sentences.

    heh… fridge scrabble, never thought about that… good idea patrick! quick patent it before i do… 😉 or is it too late?

    here’s the link to the company who makes them if anyone is interested:

  3. I used to have a set of these too. But then I went and did a stupid thing…I got a stainless steel refrigerator.

    Damn those Frigidaire crapweasels! Where will the next Poet Laureate come from now?

  4. i have some of those magnets up on my refridgerator… but they’re like glued together…and i can’t even move em around at all…and the only thing they spell out is Frigidaire…sheesh!

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