Nerves & Indecision

This was the very first thing I wrote in my Moleskine (Hemingway / Picaso) notebook… I often have days where I don’t know what to write. But the point is… to write!

I am somewhat nervous and distracted right now, as I have a poetry slam i’ll be partaking in this weekend. I will probably have some video footage of the event to post shortly.

I will be reading some flash fiction from this site, and I would actually love to get your opinion. I have chosen three pieces and need to decide which one to put in 1st, 2nd and 3rd order. Basically I will open with the best of the three, then hopefully that will get me into round 2 so I can read my 2nd piece, and finally if I make it outta round 2 i’ll have the opportunity to read a 3rd piece and possibly win the slam (wishful thinking).

Please help me, and tell me which one I should open with (ie – which one is the best). Also, if there were other pieces I wrote that you think would be better suited, please let me know. I want to win the audience over with some wit. I’ll just be happy if I advance past the first round. I really value your opinions and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

My selections:
Downward Facing Dog
Tits & Cars

Hopefully I won’t get stage fright, vomit and fail miserably…

Wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “Nerves & Indecision

  1. Id start off by reading the downward facing dog. If having someone pee on your leg wont get there attention then I dont know what will. Good luck babe.

  2. Hi SeLiNa.

    I hope you’re doing well.

    The posts that you’ve picked are good in the order that you’ve posted them, I think …(I just re-read them)…

    But personally, I think you should get all gussied up and smile at the audience as you make your way to the stage…then read “Things I Hate” from March 28…

    I also kinda like “Tales From The Crack Pipe” from March 16…

    Hmmm…hopefully you’re able to decide…There are a lot of good ones to choose from…

    Have you ever read any of Chuck Palahniuk’s stuff? I think you’d really like it…

    Good luck!

    Take care out there, SeLiNa!

    Your Pal,


  3. #1 Downward facing dog
    #2 Tits & Cars
    #3 Hypochondriac

    Although, I have to agree with Zambo… your “Things I Hate” post is a classic…people relate to those kinds of things.

    Don’t stress… you’ll do great.


  4. MacBros: My FNFO is coming, don’t you worry!

    Thanks Beazer, that’s what I thought too.

    Zambo: You’ve really given me something to think about. I had never even considered doing that piece, but I just read it out loud, and I think you could be right.

    Izzy: Thank you for seconding the motion. I am now thinking of opening with that piece. If there’s one thing I can do it’s RANT! 😉

    I totally appreciate the feedback you guys are giving me, it is really helpful, thank you!

  5. I’m gonna go with the crowd here and say do them in the order you listed them. But “Things I Hate” is a definite keeper. Maybe for your encore? We all know you’ll get one.

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