Powerless Against the Evil Force

Yes it’s true… Lingo Slinger is being unfairly targetted by an evil force (a force that is unholier than even I)… This evil force won’t let you speak… Won’t let you express yourself freely in comments… Won’t even let you observe what little expression has managed to slip through the Blogger cracks.

I don’t know what to do at this point… Comments are down. Can’t view or post!!! I am at a loss for ideas… I think it’s a Blogger bug, but nobody else seems to be having this particular problem.
All I can say at this point is…. MOTHERFUCKER!!!

UPDATE: Murphy’s Law was in full effect today… because just as I posted this, my comments started working again… Go figure… So hopefully our normal (if you can call it that) interaction shall resume. Knock on wood though people… Knock on wood.



16 thoughts on “Powerless Against the Evil Force

  1. Almost thought you didn’t like us anymore Lingo….Sniff!

    Two whole days without being able to make a comment…what’s up with that? Doesn’t this violate the first amendment?

    Anyhow, happy tho know that things are up and functioning again…

  2. Hey SeLiNa!

    It’s good to be able to comment again!

    I’ve enjoyed your recent stuff as usual!

    Strange how you were able to read our minds with the old “knock on wood” gag…

    Anyway, take care out there and stay cool!

    Your Pal,


  3. HA! HA! HA! You use blogger!
    I experience this a lot when I come visit fellow blogger sites that use blogger.

    Glad it’s back up. Don’t ya’ just hate when you can’t get it up? 😛

  4. Selina,
    This kinda shit never happened back in my day! We had real pencils! And real paper! And by gum, they never crapped out!

    OK, I’ll shut up now.

  5. Blogger is horrible for this. It was issues like these that got me working with Matt Good to get his blog over onto WordPress.

    Blogger, you get your moneys worth.

  6. I was wondering what was up with the commenting. Glad it’s back up.

    Been wanting to ask…what’s the book about?

  7. commenty, commenty, commenty, we comments (:

    do ya know i had a look at your code one day and it seems to be a bit wrong. The <head> tag seems to be ended twice and opened only once, like:

    …sum stuff…
    …sum stuff…

    that’s a bit odd as there should only be one closing tag (maybe delete the first </head> tag) (:

  8. And that is why I made my own site.

    I have full control over EVERYTHING except the site host so if they go down so do I but that hardly happens.

    I’m a huge control freak and a firm believer in “If you want something done right do it yourself”. This is actually the very reason why soon I will impliment my plans for world domination. My plans are perfect and as such everyone should follow them. 😉

  9. That sometimes happens to me aswell; nobody seems to be interested in my blog but myself. Let’s blame it all on the evil forces out there, or to the shadow government, or to the cia. Motherfukers!!! ha, ha, ha, [evil laughter with echoes]

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