Punk Rock Ninja Angel

ruby red lips that glisten and shine
long dark hair with a jagged edge
giving the proverbial fuck you with a pink guitar
torn fishnets that tear further with a silent roundhouse
tattoos that dance and scream out from soft skin
magnetic eyes of intensity outlined in jet black kohl
a smile that could summon the devil or god
sexuality oozing from her lusty luscious pores
red light shining from between her powerful thighs
skin as smooth as tranquil blue water
mind as deadly as her samurai sword
original like a snowflake
soft and harsh meet evil and good
one glance, one touch, one sigh
her movements graceful and quietly subtle
her actions loud and controversial
curiosity, wonder, questionable mystique
tears on her guitar from broken wings
blood on her sword from misunderstandings


3 thoughts on “Punk Rock Ninja Angel

  1. uh heh…
    scorchin fucking hotsmokin’…three alarm fire, high noon in the Mohabi Desert and a thousand Jalapeño peppers dipped in hot sauce all rolled into one…

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