We are all Human

I was watching a documentary last night about Pete Doherty fittingly titled “Who the F*** is Pete Doherty?” I knew of The Libertines (his former band) from my days in the music industry, but didn’t know much of Babyshambles (his current band). Watching his interviews, hearing his lyrics, and listening him speak, made me absolutely enamored with his brilliant mind. This man speaks poetically, thinks on another level, and is a brilliant artist. He is raw and intense and often seems caught up in the prison of his own mind, but he emits truth in many ways. He has been called “the most genuine person in the industry”, “he is real”. His impact on the music scene has been tremendous. His fans are loyal and in love. He is unapologetic (rightfully so) for whom he is and is a human like anyone else, only perhaps he is more aware of his own humanity than most.

I find it sad that as a society all we are able to focus on is his drug use, his relationship with Kate Moss and what a fuck up he is. We (collectively) focus on all the wrong things. The tabloids have been so harsh to him and downright fucking dirty. Any press he’s received has only ever been about the drugs or his charges. Is it even anyone’s business what drugs he chooses to take or what lifestyle he chooses to live? He is an artist… How he creates that art, his state of mind, his medium, his inspiration, his surrounding, his environment… all of that is secondary, and should never be the primary focus. But… in our sad little society of gossip-obsessed people watchers, it is not only the primary focus, but the ONLY focus.

When I look at him, I don’t see a junkie. I see a poet, a singer, a songwriter, a free thinker, and an absolutely brilliant artist. I urge you to listen to his music, listen to his songs, and read his poetry… his lyrics… You’ll see what you are meant to see.

The thought for today: We are all human, let’s not be so fucking judgemental.


She was getting pally waith a scally in the alley
Giving head for gear
She called a spade a spade
Got slit from ear to ear
I showed no decorum
Spilled my heart out on the forum
Like a snapshot of the most tragic day
Carl is kept sedated, the frontman elevated
While McGee does all he can to ruin my band and keep me out the way
In this industry of fools, musclemen and ghouls
If you’re not tit’s up or a muppet then you might as well call it a day
Things get so distorted
The wall shavings get snorted
I’m welcome back if I give up crack
But you gave me my first pipe anyway

Gang of Gin (Never released owing to threats of legal action by pop mogul Alan McGee)


16 thoughts on “We are all Human

  1. I don’t know Selina. I just wiki’ed him. He sounds like a total fuck up of epic proportions. Wikipedia is great because it just updated what he was busted for yesterday. Anyone shooting syringes at people needs a lashing from a Singaporean prison guard.

    She may be 40 but my vice is still Shirley Manson… I’d like to spl…

    I can’t say it… I really can’t.

  2. Steve you are right, he is fucked up… But the truth remains that he is still human and is still a brilliant artist.

    I think that the media definitely doesn’t help his situation… People do fucked up things when they’re on drugs.

    I guess I am looking beyond the drugs and the bullshit, and the media hype. Listening to his lyrics, reading his poetry, and trying to hear him outside of the noise.

    I know that people have strong opinions about him, and I know that many people won’t share my viewpoint. I expect that.

    The syringe thing was fake blood, and was meant as a “shock tactic”… I think it was aimed at the press… Fuck those papparazzi folks are like hungry desperate prying sharks. Not justifying it, or saying it was right however.

  3. Hey SeLiNa!

    Admittedly, I only knew about him because of the Kate Moss situation…His work seems to have had a profound effect on you though, so he can’t be all bad…

    Inspiration can come from any number of different sources…So his might be drugs. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last.

    I like that you stood up for this guy, despite the fact that a lot of folks don’t seem to like him…

    Stay cool, SeLiNa…and take care out there!

    Your Pal,


  4. I agree with you Selina. People need to worry more about their own lives, and less about the lives of others. Unfortunately, we as humans like to benchmark ourselves to others. It is a niffty tool too show how shitty or great we are doing in life. “Hey, look at the drug using moron, glad I am not a loser like him.”

    If we could only stand in an individuals shoes, and understand what is going through their mind, and what drives them to do what they do.

    On that note, here are some other famous users you may or may not know of:

    Salvador Dali – Hashish
    Charles Dickens – Opium
    Thomas Alva Edison – Cocaine, Alcohol
    Ben Franklin – Marijuana, Opium
    John Keats – Opium
    Pope Leo XIII – Cocaine

    This list can go on and on.

    I am certainly no advocate for people doing drugs, but I wonder if its Gods way of weeding out the stupid?

  5. Craig I think you forgot George Bush – Cocaine, Alcohol, Holy Water

    Interesting earlier when I wrote what I wrote Selina my iTunes went from Sublime, to Nirvana Unplugged to Alice N Chains all in 3 songs. I think someone was trying to say something.

    Off to pop a Vicodin…

  6. I loved The Libertines. Mick Jones is genius, so is Doherty. I’ve tried to buy the Babyshambles but its release date was delayed…is it available now?

  7. Standing in the dock at Southampton,
    Trying to get to Holland or France.
    The man in the mac said, “You’ve got to go back”.
    You know they didn’t even give us a chance.

    Christ you know it ain’t easy,
    You know how hard it can be.
    The way things are going
    They’re gonna crucify me.

    Finally made the plane into Paris,
    Honey mooning down by the Seine.
    Peter Brown called to say,
    “You can make it O.K.,
    You can get married in Gibraltar, near Spain”.

    Christ you know it ain’t easy,
    You know how hard it can be.
    The way things are going
    They’re gonna crucify me.

    Drove from Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton,
    Talking in our beds for a week.
    The newspaper said, “Say what you doing in bed?”
    I said, “We’re only trying to get us some peace”.

    Christ you know it ain’t easy,
    You know how hard it can be.
    The way things are going
    They’re gonna crucify me.

    Saving up your money for a rainy day,
    Giving all your clothes to charity.
    Last night the wife said,
    “Oh boy, when you’re dead
    You don’t take nothing with you
    But your soul – think!”

    Made a lightning trip to Vienna,
    eating chocolate cake in a bag.
    The newspaper said, “She’s gone to his head,
    They look just like two gurus in drag”.

    Christ you know it ain’t easy,
    You know how hard it can be.
    The way things are going
    They’re gonna crucify me.

    Caught an early plane back to London.
    Fifty acorns tied in a sack.
    The men from the press said, “We wish you success,
    It’s good to have the both of you back”.

    Christ you know it ain’t easy,
    You know how hard it can be.
    The way things are going
    They’re gonna crucify me.
    The way things are going
    They’re gonna crucify me.

    -John Lennon/1969-

    And that was just for getting married.

  8. Craig, add Shakesphere to the list. He took Opium too.

    These people (the media) are passing judgement as if they’re perfect. Show me someone who says they’re perfect and I shall show you ten of their friends/family who beg to differ.


  9. Interesting post. I just downloaded Killamangiro from Babyshambles and a cut called For Lovers. They are on my “Listen Up” iPod playlist. I like the sound already.

  10. I tried to download his music from his site but the torrents don’t work which is a shame because now I’m even more intrigued.

    Who cares what a person does with their personal life? Some of the most creative people on earth were messed in the head at the time either by drugs or depression. Look at Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. The 60’s were some of their best music and Syd was and is seriously messed up.

    I personally despise drugs but like Selina I can look past the drugs at the art. Going to try LimeWire for this guy. Man I wish ITMS was here in New Zealand. I’m missing out on some great music all because of the tosspot RIANZ (NZ’s version of RIAA).

  11. Well Lingo slinger ……….. at last a mature approach to Mr Doherty someone who can see past the press bullshit, the Babyshambles album I thought got an awful doing in the press but lyrically its fantastic and the music that accompanies the lyrics is also very good – but the press being the press focused on the not so good Pentonville ……….. yes a very messed up young man but being the age I am (a very young 35) I can apprectiate what you need to do in your youth or twenties – the fact is he will either cop onto the fact that he is a genuis and just get on with life after herion or he will kill himself – hopefully he will cop onto himself and make a fortune out of the recording industry and stick two fingers up for the right reasons in the not so distant future !

  12. Is it just me or do music critics suck more than a sucky thing on a sucky day?

    All they’re trying to do is mix personal tastes, with whatever they’ve heard about the artists, and form a meaningless opinion to justify their existance.

    Speak to the fans who really care about the music and who care about the artists to get proper reviews, don’t listen to some fat git who’s never played an instrument in their life and so comment on it like they know.

    I love reviews such as the one Selina’s done here because it makes people want to go out and listen to the music.

    Still can’t find this guy. Now I’m even more wanting to listen. 🙂

  13. if anyone wants babyshambles songs.check limewire theres usually tonnes on there i aint used it in a while though.if not go to http://www.albionarks.com theres usually new stuff on there roumage the net for it. there may be some songs that are just recorded without beiong edited but theyre great infact im pretty obsessed with his acoustic work at the moment. contact me if you want me to put his songs into emails or anythin for you an i’ll try my best to get his songs to you.buy babyshambles album ‘down in albion’ the artwork in the 12″ record is immense as it is in the cd plus the musics great (if your into poetic songs of love,lust,betrayal an forgiveness)it isnt a shambles at all

    p.s this is a great article about pete and his band.thanks for doing it.youve opened a lot of eyes i wish more people would write like this about him,its about time he got the respect from papers he deserves after makin all that money for em ,the blood sucking vultures.

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