Captain Crumpler


13 thoughts on “Captain Crumpler

  1. Hey SeLiNa!

    Cool bag! And the robot is pretty swell too…

    Bag biter!

    Take care out there!

    Your Pal,


  2. I bite lots of things… It’s my way of testing stuff out…

    Yah, Captain Crumpler, the bag and I have been getting along famously… iBook is happy too.

  3. hmm a biter:)
    Wow, a bag for 120 bucks is a bag I can live without, or it better smoke good (haha). Nice bag though, I just use a simple 20 dollar one from wally world.

  4. yes… it was a bit steep (steap?)… but it’s a shock absorbent laptop bag.

    wally’s is good too… i’ve bought a few purses and hats from there.

    you know what happens though (and this is how wally’s gets you). you go in under the “premise” that you’re going to buy a $20 bag, but then you see these cute shoes that are only $24.97, and that hat… it’s only $9.97…. oh look at those funky little capris pants, they’d go great with THAT TOP… oh my god, the whole outfit is less than $50… oh look dvds for $5, i should grab a few for my collection… mmmm chocolate… i need chocolate. oh i should buy the girls some clothes too, they need some cute summer dresses… oh and maybe a pair of sandals each too… just a pair each that’s all. oh look there’s a sale on baby food, i should stock up. oh no… i’m in trouble, it’s “baby days” at wal-mart… shit thank god there’s no more room in my cart!

    and before you know it… you’ve spent a whopping $300 at walmart… exactly $180 more than the $120 shock absorbent lap top bag with the robot inside.

    or… at least that’s how it would go down for me anyhow.

  5. stay out of wally world!

    ah well. i guess y’all need dresses. i have a nice backpack for my laptop too, it’s only an eastpack.

  6. But the robot is made out of bags. All you would need to do is kick it and he would curl up in a ball and throw up. 😛

  7. Love the bag lingo!

    Juicy colour too.

    I’ll have to admit… I’ve been known to spend a pretty price for things that I own. But if it’s something that I’m using regularly…it’s well worth the buck.

  8. Great pics and poem! That’s about what I paid for my husband’s Swiss Army laptop case, but it’s hard cover- LOL and doesn’t look anywhere near as cool, but it does have that nifty SA logo and you can open tin cans with it too- 😉

  9. Cool bag. I’ve seen thosse before but put them down after seeing the pricetag. Did that little super hero guy really come in the bag? If so, that is really cool.

  10. “That’s not a knife, this is a knife.”

    “No it’s not. That’s a spoon.”

    “Oh. So you’ve played ‘knifey spooney’ as well have ya?”

    Those bags are pretty good. You should see the one I got. It’s a Targus backpack and I can fit a whole Ethiopian family in there. In fact it comes with a picture of them.

    Oops, my mistake. That was the bar code.

    I would like a robot as well. One that can vaccuum my house, do my dishes, put out the trash, do my laundry and help me take over the world by firing laserbeams from its eyes at my helpless victims.

  11. I spent £120 on my leather, handmade, perfect, super practical, one off laptop bag that I use every single day of my life, with or without computer and have been for well over a year now. Thats pounds not dollars and it was worth every penny! A good bag is something that improves the quality of your life in a big way…I say buy one in every colour of the rainbow!

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