Loving Lately

1.) Oatmeal Crisp – Triple Berry Crunch
2.) My Coconut Body Butter
3.) Baked Sweet Potatoes w/ Brown Sugar & Butter
4.) POM Juice
5.) My USB Speakers
6.) My Custom Pedicure
7.) My Strappy Sandals
8.) The lil’ divas and their ever increasing vocabulary
9.) My Surfer Girl Dress
10.) My Ionic Tooth Whitening System
11.) Erica Jong – Seducing The Demon – Writing for my Life
12.) Driving the MINI with the sunroof open and the tunes cranked
13.) Eating watermelon
14.) My bitchin’ Versace shades
15.) NO TV
16.) Just music, music, and more music
17.) Inspiring people who make me wanna write
18.) My super glossy shiny Rimmel lip gloss (lip vinyl)
19.) Lisa Shaw – Cherry
20.) The Thesaurus
21.) Feeling OVERLY ambitious
22.) The weather (this past weekend excluded)
23.) The possibilities of life
24.) The feeling of being on the verge of something big
25.) Altoids… The Curiously Strong Mint


10 thoughts on “Loving Lately

  1. Hey SeLiNa!

    I like the list.

    It seems that you are feeling positive and happy these days. That’s great!

    I’ve also enjoyed reading all your recent posts…I just can’t always get to them in a timely fashion…

    Though I wasn’t referring to Toronto in my recent post, it too could do with a real rain…and I don’t mind flip flops as long as they’re not overly slappy and the person’s feet are presentable…

    Take care out there, SeLiNa!

    Your Pal,


  2. Sounds like you’re pretty freakin happy right now. 0% bitch maybe? Anyway, what is POM juice?

  3. I don’t watch much TV at all. I only watch it when I’m in bed and don’t feel like reading. A lot of my friends are obsessed with TV shows. I just can’t relate.

    I have never tried that POM juice but it looks pretty good.

  4. As for me, I am lovin’ the list you happenin’ mama!

    Shades… got me some Chanels and I get a thrill everytime I slip them on!

    I could probably never get my teeth whitened… regular procedures cause me enough trouble I would not dare venture out of the mere necessity arena!

    Ooooh! Strappy sandals sound divine! As for pedicures, I would love to get some but considering that it’s me and the tickles that kick in, that is, alas, impossible!

    All these are reasons to love you more! Ooooweee!

  5. Zambo: I hear ya… Some of those flip flops can be annoying. Especially if an annoying person is wearing them!

    Mel: Yah I actually am feelin’ pretty happy. POM Juice is pomegranite juice… Super healthy, cleanses your body from all toxins and bad stuff.

    Fred C: TV is a total mind number eh… I just have zero interest in it these days… Makes me wonder why I even have cable to be honest (and digital cable no less).

    Miz B: There’s nothin’ like a beauituflly crafted pair of designer shades… Strappy sandals yes!!! You give me lots of reasons to love you too!

    Johnie: You know, you may have something here. Good suggestion!

  6. Coconut nutter? Maybe you know…what the hell is shay butter? They’ve apparently just discovered it becuase it’s showing up in everything know to man. A shay butter BMW can’t be far away.

  7. I should be on that list.

    But I’m not.

    I should be though.

    I want this list redone and on my desk monday morning!


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