One Whole Year!

Well… It’s been a year!! Can you believe it?! One year and EXACTLY 265 posts… Yep, 265 posts and I still won’t shut the fuck up! Wonder what happened to the other hundred, guess i’ll have to work on that this year, bring that number up a little. I began this blog with this post… Which I kind of cringe at now. I always hate going back and reading old posts. I just like to be done with them, move on… Not one for backwards motion.

But… Since today IS the Lingo Slinger anniversary, I thought that it would be appropriate to link back to some of my personal faves. That way those of you who haven’t been around that long can decide if you ever wanna come back here again… šŸ˜‰

Top Ten Personal Faves (in no particular order):

Corporate Buzzwords – A look at what they “really” mean.
Church Signs are Fun Vol. 1 – This baby will be making a come back in the near future
Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 1 – You never forget your first
Catholic Sunday – One for the history books, not for the post itself, but rather the comments!
No American Left Behind – Canadians looking out for Americans
Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 3 – How can we forget Labia?
Dickey Wearing Dickheads – What is wrong with these folks?!
FUCK Being Politically Correct – Not a big PC fan, as you may have guessed!
Children of War – A very serious and difficult subject, but a video that everyone should watch!
Detour in Denial – One of my weekend videos.

And finally… Just wanna say thank you for coming to my site, thank you for commenting, for reading… and for putting up with my bitchy rants, my trucker mouth, my obscure thoughts, my unpredictable posts, and my sometimes offensive and warped sense of humour! You guys rock!

PS – I did used to have another blog (which shall remain nameless) that was taken down due to some controversial subject matter and some threats… Stupid me, never should have taken it down… But if I hadn’t, Lingo Slinger wouldn’t be here today! Just some useless history for ya there!

21 thoughts on “One Whole Year!

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I’ve been reading your posts the past two months after running into one that was on the recently updated list.

    Keep the stories coming. I look forward to reading them regularly.

  2. Thank you for creating quite an entertaining, readable blog. There’s lots of crap out there. Happy One Year!

  3. Hey! I’ve been here from the beginning. I knew you werre 9 Gote to sober upm here) I knew yu weree a TALENTED pwrseon fromn tjh start! You’re my kinf, i said your;e myn koi9nd of wamoan Lingo (see I know youre real nam e but these fiuckers are not goin ng to know) Your’e my lind of woman whehre was I? Anywayt GOD BLESS YA! yot’re a – jeez – you’re a …. legend! see. A fucking legend.

  4. Thanks Anthony, Izzy, Fred, Dave, S*, R, and MacBros !!! I feel blessed to have some of the webs finest right here on my site! Lucky girl I am…

    West: I thought we were gonna drink that single malt together?! Of like mind we are indeed! I understood every word you said! Thank you!

  5. WOW! I leave you alone for 1/2 hour and you have 9 comments already! Happy anniversary etc. Thanks for being you!

  6. lingo slinger
    1 year old
    such reason to celebrate
    even tho she still got that cold

    they mighta shut you down once
    but never again
    simply put:

    congrats on keeping the creativity & the cause alive & well…

    (watch out, erica j…)

  7. One year. My how the time has gone. Soon you’ll be two and then everything gets insane.

    But I think that because you use the word “FUCK” alot you need to visit this site:


  8. Hey SeLiNa!


    I enjoy visiting your blog…though I have been a bit of a deadbeat Blogger lately.

    Here’s to many more posts filled with bitchy rants, your trucker mouth, your obscure thoughts, your unpredictable posts, and your sometimes offensive and warped sense of humour!

    Take care out there!

    Your Pal,


    Happy belated Mother’s Day, by the way! I hope you had a great one!

  9. What no honorable mentions? C’mon man, Steve’s Blog? Ever heard of it?

    This blog is getting funnier. Keep it up it is a great read. Almost got my wife reading it.

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