Happy Mothers Day

They change diapers that smell worse than a toxic dump site
They get hurled on even when dressed to the nines
They spend each day selflessly giving themselves
They remain calm in times of total meltdown
They give everything they have every day regardless of how they feel
They provide a comforting ear in times of need and a shoulder to cry on
They just want to help, soothe, protect, love, and cherish
They are muti-talented and can solve almost any problem
They have wisdom that can’t even be measured
They have the soothing of an ancient healer
They are supportive even when they aren’t sure how to be
They make sacrifices every single day without a second thought
They make the world a better place.

Of course I am speaking of Moms… Happy Mothers Day to all of you amazing women!! Don’t forget to take the time to wish a Happy Mothers Day to your own mom, or your wife or another mom you love and respect.


15 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Happy Mother’s day to one courageous mama of two who tackles double trouble with much grace and love…

    Hope you have a great day my friend!

  2. where would we be without’cha? in a towel, in a tissue, on a bed sheet, in the toilet… ahhh, god bless our mums…and our dads for accuracy…

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