Odd Combinations

While strolling the isles of a grocery store one day to pick a few unrelated random items, I started wondering what the strangest combination of any 2 items would be. Imagine you’re the checkout clerk and someone comes in to buy coke ‘n’ bacon, nothing else. Or what about bananas and tampons, perhaps some condoms and cottage cheese?! I think about these things… Seriously… I wanna know!!! I always imagine the items being in pairs, but it could be an orgy if items, like a cucumber, two tangerines, a doughnut, a tub of vaseline, and some feminine wipes. Or maybe it’s a couple of melons, a warm apple pie, and some astro glide.

Inquiring minds want to know… What do you think?


16 thoughts on “Odd Combinations

  1. I know yesterday at 2 AM I was at walmart and I bought caramel popcorn, iced tea, and band aids. Not quite has odd has the ones you mentioned, but still quite strange.

  2. *Fresh pasta and bleach
    *Carrot juice and steak
    *Playboy magazine, soy milk and shoe polish
    *Thrush cream, fresh parsley and scouring sponges

  3. Push pins and Halloween Candy are always a fun purchase in the fall. Make sure you buy equal parts. Say it’s 250 pack of pins make sure it’s like 5 bags of 50 piece candy. People will shit…

  4. I truly believe your Senior Superlative was “Most Creative”. How about Depends, Warming KY, and an OTC Viagra medication? Oh yeah, and a rubber chicken.

  5. goldfish, KY, a long spoon, and rubber gloves.

    my cousin works for an airline. and was telling me that you can have “emotional support” animals on the plane as long as they are not exotic, spiders, hamsters, and some other things. we tried for hours to come up with a good animal to take on the plane.

    we came up with …..

    a shit talking bird or,
    a bag of cockroaches, eating one every so periodically.

  6. I’m not sure about combos but my on fear is having the only thing I run out of being toilet paper and having to go into the super just for that. I have a backup plan though, I use newspaper instead. Nothing better than wiping your bum on the mayor’s face.

    I suppose an odd combo would be flue medication and tampons. It might be weird but it could get guys some respect helping out your missus. 🙂

    Oh and Jason, dog food and condoms may not be so strange but I think people would begin to wonder if you purchase dog food and toilet paper. In one end out the other, possibly quicker than you were hoping.

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