Fuzzy Logic

Her neck was stiff, her mouth dry and vision still slightly blurry. The hum from the engine of the plane could be heard over the soft chatter of passengers. “Could I really be on a plane?” she thought to herself before fully exposing her sensitive bloodshot eyeballs to the light of her surroundings.

She turned her head slightly to the passenger to her left and realized that she had been sleeping on his shoulder. She slowly raised her head and looked at him with an apologetic look as she wiped the drool from the side of her mouth, and then his shoulder. He smiled at her.

“Feel better?” he asked

“Uhh yah sort of…” she scratched her head “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, anything.”

“Where are we going?”

The man laughed appreciatively and said “What?”

“Right now… This flight…Where are we going?”

He stopped laughing when he realized she was serious. His expression changed to one of concern; “We’re going to Vancouver!”

She nodded her head “Ohhh Vancouver. Okay cool. Thanks.”

When the plane landed an hour later and the passengers began to exit the plane, she checked the overhead storage compartment to see if she had any carry-ons. Nothing there. She exited the plane slowly and watched all of the other passengers who seemed to be in a hurry.

When she got to the baggage carousel, she wasn’t sure if she had any luggage or not. She waited with the passengers from her flight, watching them get their bags as they recognized them. She yawned and sat down cross-legged in front of the carousel until she finally saw something that looked familiar… Yes, it was her bag. It was the Red suitcase from her front hall closet that she barely ever used.

She pulled the suitcase off of the conveyor belt and headed out of the airport to hail a cab. One immediately pulled up to her and she got in.

“Where to miss?”

“Where do you recommend?” she asked

“I need the address of the place where you would like me to take you miss.”

“I don’t know yet” she said

The cab driver looked frustrated and confused at the same time as he sat there staring at her with an open mouth and wide eyes. The meter ticked as they sat there silent for what seemed like an eternity.

“Just take me to a fucking hotel!” she snapped “I don’t care which one!”

“How about the Radisson on Robson?” he said

“Whatever” she said coldly as she lit a cigarette and looked out the window

Although there was clearly a NO SMOKING sign directly in front of her, the cabbie decided not to say anything to her and let her smoke in peace, recognizing that she had obviously just endured a horrible day.

When she got to the hotel, she was in such a miserable mood… She just wanted to brush her teeth, get into her PJ’s and get into bed. She wanted nothing more than for the day to be over and done with. She slouched against the wall in the elevator as she watched the numbers go up.

She found her room and slid the card key through the lock, then threw her suitcase on the floor and collapsed on the bed. “What the fuck did I do?” she said silently to herself as she stared up at the stucco ceiling. The more she thought about it, the more it angered her… So she decided to just get ready for bed and not think about it.

When she opened her suitcase to get her toiletries and PJ’s out, she was horrifed to find nothing but a pair of winter boots, a scarf, one ski boot, a rain jacket, a snowsuit, a pair of flip flops, and a down-filled vest… What appeared to be the contents of her front hall closet.


14 thoughts on “Fuzzy Logic

  1. I would love to be that smashed that I did something stupid without knowing what.

    That would be such an adventure. Incidentally one of my workmates gave up drinking for that exact reason.

  2. I love that you’ve been writing so much lately and sharing with us. That’s all…

  3. YES this is based on a true story… Not MY story, but the story of someone I know… I have to respect her privacy, however.

    All of my writing is inspired by actual people and/or events.

  4. I think I could use what ever she was on. I had a friend that had a couple of Citaloprams and woke up in jail, had no idael how he ended up there. That has got to suck.

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