10 Degrees Just Ain’t Cuttin’ It

The spawnettes and I at the airport in Phoenix ready for departure

Yep… Back in the cold… Okay, so maybe it’s not cold per say, but it definitely ain’t hot like Arizona was… Kinda hard to adjust. 😦

Here are some random observations from my vacation:

Arizona AIN’T FLAT!!!
I shit you not… I expected it to be flat, sandy, and yah, flat… It was quite the opposite. Mountains, rocks, and beautiful landscape everywhere. Some peaks even have snow.

Yellow Light doesn’t mean “prepare to stop” but rather “hurry the fuck up”
Over here, some people will stop at a Yellow light if they think they won’t make it… Or some just err on the side of caution regardless. There NOBODY stops at a Yellow, EVER.

If You Don’t Cover Your Dashboard… It’ll Crack
Everybody has dashboard covers in Arizona… To prevent the sun from cracking their dashboard. It’s that fucking hot!

Rain… Virtually non-existent
Yah… The sun is out every day, the sky is always Blue and the weather is pretty damn sweet. If it rains, it’s very minimal… Hence the abundance of desert. Summers are apparently pretty damn brutal though. Most people have pools in their backyard.

Guns, guns and more guns… We love guns!
People have guns in Arizona… Yah, they like their guns too! Went to this bar where I felt like the odd one out for not packin’. More on that later (via video).

Illegal Mexican Border Jumpers
There are tons and tons of Mexicans in Arizona who have jumped, swam, crawled, slid, or shimmied their way over the border. Often they can be found hangin’ on the street corner waiting to be propositioned for general labour and odd jobs.

Rock Gardens and Fruit Trees
Most people have a cactus and some rocks on their front lawn as appose to grass. Some have grass, but not many… People also have fruit trees on their property, lemon trees, grapefruit trees, tangerines… Pretty awesome!

So yah… those are just some odds and ends… All I could pull together at the moment. I’m tired now… Just got home a couple of hours ago and need to rest for the daily grind tomorrow. I’ll likely be posting some photographs shortly and i’m working on a video too (yes it’s another drinking video… Arizona style).

Hope you all had a stellar week!!


13 thoughts on “10 Degrees Just Ain’t Cuttin’ It

  1. You pretty much summed up most of the main points of Arizona in your post. LOL!

    Glad you had a good time. I can’t wait to see your next video!

  2. RamblingMuse: Yah, for some reason, those things amused me… Oh and they had a drive-thru liquor store!!!

    You in Arizona Officer Friendly? Yep, that would be Terminal 2 in the picture…

  3. Welcome back. Things are just a little different down here, eh? If you think blazing through a yellow seems a little brazen, try Georgia. They toss a “YeeHaw” in it here when they do it.

    Have a great one!

  4. Hey hi, i found a hat just like that the other day, same color and everything, mine made out of straw. We hat buddies, HEHE!! (bracelet buddies).

    whenever i think of Arizona i think of Zabriskie Point (:

  5. Canadians and the desert are pretty odd fellows, I guess. I have a friend in AZ who is constantly pointing out to me that it is one hundred and frikken twenty degrees fairly regularly in the Phoenix area during the summer. Yeah, but it’s a dry heat. Tell that to the eggs frying on your car hood.

  6. Hi SeLiNa!

    Good to see you’re back!

    I hope you had lots of fun!

    Looking forward to the pix and vid.

    Take care out there!

    Your Pal,



    Did you check ou the Grand Canyon? It’s pretty amazing…

  7. i’m glad you liked your trip. i’ve driven through arizona, it is pretty. the north is actually heavily forested.

  8. Welcome back to civilization! Oh, wait. . . you live in Canada don’t you. . . nevermind.

  9. Can’t get over how cute the Spawnettes are…and their little pink outfits. Just typical late twenties baby fever. Glad you had a good time!

  10. The American National Anthem

    Oh Jose cant you see, we’re tired of supporting thee.

    When you snuck acrossed the border, it began an illegal plight.

    Over broad stripes and bright stars, We’ll continue to Fight.

    Mexican Flags we did watch, that were so sadly streaming.

    Our tempers did flare, with Mexican’s everywhere.

    Gave proof to the nite, we must send them back there.

    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave.

    For the land of the U. S. Citizen and the home of the American’s.

    written and produced by U.S. Citizens
    Made In America

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