It’s a Beautiful Day

Sun is shining

The weather is sweet

Makes you want to move

Your dancing feet…

Introduced the lil’ divas to some authentic British cuisine today… Yep, we went to a British pub for some brunch. Then in true-lingo style, I embarked on a series of shopping excursions… I think I need to chill on the lime green scene though… I have an obsession with all things Green right now.


7 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day

  1. what a dynamic lady you are mommy and vixen. cool beans. loved the piece on turning the tv off yesterday. great advice. you cannot get your tv time back when you are dead. got a bunch of catching up to do and hitting the tucks pads. ouch.

  2. Hey girl- I have a second, so I thought I would stop by and say hi! You and your twins are looking good. Keep up all the hard work. =)

  3. Johnie: Beautiful… Love that.

    Rev: Thank you, truly! I love being a mommy and I am flattered that you think i’m a vixen!

    Kaysea: How are you sister? Long time no talk… Hope all is well in the world of KayseaLove!!! Thanks for stopping in.

  4. british food? well, i guess at that age they need bland food. 😉

    i could go for some fish and chips right now.

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