Hard Sell

Pour myself a glass of riesling and turn on the tv…
Hasn’t been on for a while and what do I see?
Bullshit, and nonsense and mind numbing crap,
Unfunny sitcoms, B-movies, and bitches I wanna slap.

So I ask myself “why”, “what’s the fucking point?”
Paying each month for this digital joint…
Why do we all feel the need for TV?
When you turn the thing off your mind is free.

Free from Homer, CNN, Survivor, and Dateline
No more Bob Barker, Tyra, Fox, or Design on a Dime.
Oblivious to depressing news from around the globe,
No more throbbing in the temporal lobe.

But I sit there staring at the screen like a zombie,
As I absorb the latest homosexual ad by abercrombie.


7 thoughts on “Hard Sell

  1. It sounds like you hate TV as much as I do. I only watch Dave Chappelle and South Park. Everything else sucks. I hate sitcoms. They are so unfunny.

  2. your lores are no chore to read
    you bore no one with your linguistic deeds
    your tales rival those lyricists from wales
    “shortly,” you’ll be generating lots of sales

  3. I threw my tv out because I was so fed up and I didn’t miss it for 6 whole months. Until I got ill..now I really long for it but I’m not giving in, how often do you get ill anyway?

  4. The sad thing about TV is, I only watch a few select stations. I’ll watch the local FSN for my Pirates and Penguins games. ESPN is on my tv every so often. I watch the Food network sometimes, and thats about it.

  5. I get so much more accomplished when the TV is off… my mind feels more at peace, I feel more complete. The TV being on is just background noise… fuzzy logic!

    Chico: Thank you for the amazing poetic compliment! I love it…

    SCHRmm: That is totally respectable!

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