Hottest Woman in the World

I concur with the general population, that Angelina (in her non-pregnant state) is UNDOUBTEDLY the hottest woman in the world. One of the things I love about her is her stylin’ tattoos… It’s cool to know that the hottest woman in the world has more than a few tattoos and isn’t a dime-a-dozen type chick. She’s pretty unique… pretty funky!

So (MOM) take that to the bank and cash it!!! Don’t tell me that tattoos aren’t sexy!! Like fuck they’re not… Have you seen this woman????


10 thoughts on “Hottest Woman in the World

  1. NO ONE can resist her!! You got that right! She’s one sexy bitch!!! So not your typical Hollywood type though, which is good.

  2. I think Angelina is a pretty cool chick. She does what she wants and fuck everyone else, lol. She is also and activist who gets her hands dirty and actually visits these third world countries that most of Hollywood’s “activists” would never dream of vising.

  3. Oooooh! I just saw the post below and LOVE it! You totally captured the real me in that pic! I will definitely do it but will save it for a rainy day! I loved the pic so much I saved it!

    As for Angelina… why does the bitch have to be so hot! ;-P

  4. I don’t like her. For one, yuck. For two, she’s an attention horror.

    Elisha Cuthbert is far sexier…

  5. Wow, Nick… I believe you are the ONLY guy that I have ever heard say that they don’t like Angelina…

    Elisha’s hot too… You’re into blondes aren’t you?!

  6. Despite my last post wherein I wrote that I did not get the tattoo thing. Regardless of that prior statement, I would lick the sweat off of every tattoo Angelina has.

    On second thought, I would probably be so overcome by her beauty that I would vomit and ejaculate simultaneously as soon as I saw her nude body.

    Beauty aside, she does lots of good for children around the world. She puts her money and body where her mouth is.

    Now if you’ll excuse me now, I am going to masterbate.

  7. angelina is hot, but i think jessica alba is starting to surpass her.

    tattos can be cool, but i think angelina has too many now. she’s starting to slide down the scale.

  8. Yeah, she’s hot but I think it’s a matter of style. On a lot of woman tattoos look stupid because they are freakin butterflies, tribal shit or ying and yang signs. If you’ve got good taste you can have a good tattoo. As long as the pseudo mysticism is under control I am not against…

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