It’s a Visual Thing

Got this from Mel over at Just a Girl… I was a pot smokin’, wine drinkin’ Mona Lisa… No wonder I was smiling!!!

Kind of fun… so here I go:

Choose a search engine-
Pick 5 random blogfriends-
Think of a word or phrase that describes each friend-
Do an image search of that word or phrase-
Pick an image that makes you say, “Aha! That’s it!”-
By the way– if you see your name below… Tag…. You’re it!!! (Although, you do not have to participate if you don’t want to… No biggie either way.)

Loweded Wookie @ Insanity Reigns Supreme cuz it’s hard not to think about a wookie with a name like Loweded Wookie.

West Coaster over at West Coast Ramblings – A man who can think & drink. My kinda man.

Miz B @ Miz Bohemia’s Rhapsody – Cuz she’s one centered bohemian funkstress.

Fred @ Doomed to Rock – Cuz he’s one hardcore metal head with style to kill.

Officer Friendly @ Police City Because he’s a cop… and we all know cops get chicks… especially hot cops, and cops are never without their handcuffs…. Sooo here we have it.


8 thoughts on “It’s a Visual Thing

  1. Wow, first in the list huh? I feel special, mainly because I am. Not in that I’m better than everyone else way but in that whole handi-capped way. 🙂

    BTW, your it.

    Remember in the post Nothing To Prove I made a comment about a game of tag whereby the victim gets to post a photo or two of their office?

    Well that’s what you gotta do now. Then you get to tag someone else.

    But I thought it rude to not post pics of my office so here’s what my desk looks like:

    My Office

  2. You’re next Nick! You DILF!!

    Wookie: Nice office… No wonder insanity reigns supreme. FUCK!!! Stuff in every nook and cranny! Is that a Green wall I see?

    Yah… The Charger is sweet.

  3. wow you shit creativity, it just never stops. bet there is not a rock in your back yard that you haven’t turned over. i must bow in the presence of a goddess.

  4. I know you’re just trying to suck up because you didn’t call that little blue fucker Bob. I’ll get over it, but not for a long time. I like The Thinker. What’s his other hand doing?

  5. Aw thanks. I love that picture, lol. I wonder if that’s how I look when I have my headphones blaring Napalm Death…

  6. Okay, don’t know what I did to deserve to end up being here (other than bitch and complain incessantly on my blog) but cool!

    The picture is very apropos. Mmmmm….yummy!

  7. Rev: Wow, talk about a compliment!!! Thank you!!! If you ever need me to shit something out for ya, you know where to find me!

    West: How long are you gonna hold this against me??? I had to go with Ricardo Alvernon… It’s like the name was made for him. Bob woulda been good too… I told you, love Bob! Oh and btw… The other hand is ACTIVELY engaged, I assure you!

    Fred: So you… Nuff said!

    Officer: It is pretty tasty isn’t it?!

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