He’s Blue and Furry and He Rocks My World!

I am in love… He’s awesome! Not only that, but my daughters love him and totally approve! The only problem with this match made in heaven, is that my poor furry friend has no name!

This is where YOU come in!

The story above outlines our history as a pair, maybe this will help to give you some insight into the kind of dude he is and thus make you able to come up with a kick-ass name for him.

What do you get out of it? A personal thank you from my guy… Complete with photo.

Bring on those names baby! And if you know me, then you know i’m not gonna be down with anything status quo… It’s gotta be kinda different, quirky and fun.


10 thoughts on “He’s Blue and Furry and He Rocks My World!

  1. Hey SeLiNa!

    He’s reminds me of a younger, bluer me…Hmmm…What’s a name worthy of this fellow?…

    How about:

    Rico Azul (“Rico” ’cause he’s so sauvé and “Azul” ’cause he’s blue)…


    Brustsauger (loosely translated from the German meaning “breast sucker”)…


    Bucky Nonoze (Buck teeth and no nose)…Sometimes simple is better…


    Julio Mamelon (I like the sound of “Julio” and “Mamelon” is nipple in French…it flows nicely)…

    OR Maybe

    Ricardo Mamelon (similar to above, but reminiscent of Ricardo Montalban…who was a suave mofo in his day)…

    Ummm…It’s late…I’m spent…That’s all I got…My brain is mush…

    I hope he gets a name soon.

    Take care, SeLiNa!

    Your Pal,


  2. Okay. He looks like an “Alvernon” to me. Call him “Alvie” for short.

    And fuck, I’m officially gay now for actually taking the time to check out the photo, put some thought into a name, then thinking of a name that would have a cool nickname, and then going to the trouble of posting it all.

    My fellow officers are gonna rip up my ‘Man Card’ if they catch me doing this.

  3. Oh these are good!!!

    So far i’m diggin rico azul, and i alvernon… dig the nickname too. yep!!

    Don’t worry OF – I won’t tell anyone okay! You are still the manliest man around.

  4. You can never go wrong with Bob. Bob is short, sweet, and you can spell it backwards and you can say it easily when the two of you have drunk a lot of wine and you’re both smashed.

    For the best use of the name Bob watch BlackAdder Goes Forth (the fourth in the BlackAdder series – The WWI series) when he finds out Bob is a girl.

    “I think I love you… Bob”.

    Gerald is also cool. It rolls off the tongue and judging by some of the photos there Gerald will be getting a lot of tongue. Lucky little bastard. 😉

  5. I so agree with the honourable Loweded Wookie. Bob would be an excellent choice. Apart from Bob in Blackadder there are so many other great Bobs in history; Bob Cratchett, Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bob The Builder, Bob Crosby and his Bobcats, Bob Geldof, Bob Hope, Bob Harris, Bob Woodward, Dr. Bob in the Muppets, Be-Bob-A-Lula. It’s a name that combines brevity, sagacity and wit. I commend it to the house.

  6. Hmmm Blue Bollocks.

    I’m undecided on the videoblogging… I have my camera right beside me, but I dunno if I am up for that this week.

    Bob and Gerald are good. Bob especially… I love Bob! Bob rocks!

  7. I think i’m gonna go with:’

    Ricardo Alvernon… Has a nice ring to it.

    Zambo / Officer Friendly – Please send me your email addresses when you have a sec.

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