Digital Eyes

Just wanted to let y’all know that I am starting up a 2nd blog… I felt bad about aborting PodWhore, but I just wasn’t into her… She was conceived while under the influence of alcohol… And frankly I just don’t wanna take the time to understand the whole podcasting thing… Seems too much for my little brain to handle right now.

So since PodWhore has been vacuum sucked into the space time continuum, I now bring you:

:: Digital Eyes ::

This will be where I post my photography, digital artworks, and Photoshop manipulations. I felt that this stuff was deserving of it’s own blog. It won’t be very copy intensive either… just straight up eye candy and the odd word or two perhaps about where the inspiration came from and the mediums used.

There’s nothing much to see right now… But I will be posting some stuff in the coming days.

And since I’m feeling extra nice this evening, just let me say thanks to all of the amazing people who regularly visit my site, comment, and make it a fun place to be. Love ya!!


8 thoughts on “Digital Eyes

  1. I think it’ll be fun too… I’ll still be posting my videos on Lingo Slinger! I’m addicted to making those damn movies!

  2. yeah this one gets to live because it’s convenient for you now. just one other little kid to show off to your friends. the poor pod whore lies in a landfill somewhere now, a victim of your debutante nature. at some point Digital eyes will disappoint you, and you will ignore digital eyes and as a result little digital eyes will get pregnant by some 33 year-old scumbag named Juan, drop out of school, and become heroin abuser. just wanted you to know that their consequences for your actions.

  3. I’d LOVE to go to Sundance… One day maybe… One day!! I can dream…

    Johnie… Total blogosphere domination is my goal. 😉

    Rev: Thanks a lot for making me drudge up painful memories… I had to take 7 ludes after reading your comment!

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