Nothing To Prove

woke up this morning without a hangover
well rested, happy, and ready to face the day
put on a shirt the colour of a clover
then ate some toast and headed on my way

over to the nail salon to touch up my claws
sharpen them, buff them, give them some sass
at least my nails will be nice, despite my many flaws
french manicures are good, and can compliment an ass

went to do my taxes at the h&r block
was hoping that this mother thing would pay off
when I heard what my refund was I realized it’s no crock
I was laughing so hard that I then began to cough

drove around town listening to my tunes
singing my ass off and feelin’ the groove
daydreaming of hot weather, pools and sand dunes
feeling content with nothing to prove.


9 thoughts on “Nothing To Prove

  1. Hey SeLiNa.

    You’re too funny!

    Hope you’re enjoying some of that wine right now.

    Take care!

    Your Pal,


  2. That sounds like fun. I spent the day working on an Exchange server, rebuilding a 92 Geo Storm for my daughter and teaching her how to drive a stick-shift.

    Hope all is well!

  3. I always like to see the word sass at the end of a line of poetry, because I then know that a well-placed ass will come in to view very soon. You didn’t disappoint.

  4. Thanks guys! Yep… did my taxes, don’t when the deadline is, but it’s soon… I’m delighted about my refund too… damn, those spawnettes (or dependants as the tax people like to call them) indeed pay off.


    sass and ass… perfect harmony!

  5. Selina that is a fuckin song. Set it to some hard rock you’ve got yourself a hit. It’s really good. Set it to music – for fuck’s sake!

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