Wonder If I’m Gonna Get Food Poisoning

I was gonna go to bed about an hour ago (it’s now 12:30)…. I was so tired, but then I remembered “shit… I gotta put the garbage out tonight” and “fuck… I have clothes in the washer still” and “I’m kinda hungry now that I think about it. I didn’t eat dinner.”

Still haven’t dealt with the garbage scenario… Or the laundry… But, I did just finish scarfing down a Bistro Crustini. Sounds normal, apart from the fact that it’s after twelve right?!

Yah well consider this…

I had one last night. They come 2 in a box. It clearly says on the box “keep frozen”. I guess I musta forgot to put the box back in the freezer yesterday because when I went searching through the freezer it wasn’t there… Low and behold, I look over on the counter, and there it is… The box, on the counter, with the 2nd crustini inside. Still in the same position it was in last night.

So, it’s been out for over 24 hours.

What did I do?

I fuckin’ threw it on a plate, nuked it for 2 mins and ate it.

The wine must have impacted that decision. And now I’m feeling sick… I’m starting to worry about food poisoning… Wondering if I’m gonna hurl… I should’ve just went to bed.


7 thoughts on “Wonder If I’m Gonna Get Food Poisoning

  1. Status Update:

    It’s now almost 1am… I gotta work tomorrow!!!

    Just finished putting the garbage out

    Clothes are in dryer

    Still haven’t hurled… Feeling a little queasy though.

    Finishing my wine and going to bed VERY VERY SOON!!!

    Hopefully this queasiness will pass…

  2. Maybe you have to poop. One night a few weeks ago I woke up at 12:30 AM and was feeling so unbelieveable ill. My stomach hurt so bad I thought I was seriously dying. Then I had a thought…maybe I gotta poo. So I pooed and felt so good it was crazy.

    Try poo’ing I always tell people that it might help .

  3. Ha ha!! You’re funny Dave. What made you think that Lingo poos anyway?!

    It’s now 7am… I’m up and feeling much better!! I didn’t hurl after all… Phew!

    Don’t think i’ll be doing that again though.

  4. I’m so glad that you didn’t hurl. It reminds me of the time I drank a whole glas of V8 juice only to find that the bottle had a crack in the lid, rendering it unsealed for god knows how long. I didnt get sick either but I was expecting it.

  5. I once had a sandwhich of all sandwhichs. Here’s a list of ingredients:

    Bread (naturally)
    Peanut Butter
    Jam (so good so far)
    Honey (a bit overboard but not bad)
    Golden Syrup (getting a little dodgey)
    Marmite (okay officially beyond good move)
    Tomato Sauce
    Baked Beans

    and there were some other things but I can’t remember them.

    It actually tasted nicer than it looked and I survived with no ill effects accept for some reason I know write posts about how diarrhea is the only disease that keeps you fit. Aside from that I came out fine.

    Is it normal for people to suddenly grow another head? Just checking. No particular reason.

    Oh and as regards pooing Lingo, I know you secretly desire the poo. Who wouldn’t? That feeling of complete and utter relief. I think guys poo because it’s our only chance to try and get to understand what you girls go through during child birth. Hell, I once had a poo so bad I had to have it via Cesearian.

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