It Must Be Friday

Can you see the enthusiasm on my face? Can ya see it? I don’t think that this is quite what my company HR executives had in mind when they implemented “dress down Friday’s”. I am probably a “dress down Friday” nightmare. My cube isn’t quite decorated… Haven’t gotten around to that just yet… So it looks pretty stagnant.

These are some photos from in and around my workspace this afternoon. I am a powerhouse of productivity!!! A shining example of what an ideal employee is (and should be), any company would be glad to have someone like me on the payroll.

This is my foot resting on my desk

This is my jean cuff and part of my shoe

This is my knee

These are my ear buds sitting on my laptop

This is my pen, my sunglasses and my notebook

This is my iPod and a piece of paper

This is my purse and my wallet


15 thoughts on “It Must Be Friday

  1. So what are you waiting for?! Put that beer down… Go put your scrubs on (like me) and get into work dammit! There’s still an hour and fifteen minutes left…


  2. At least you can see your desk.

    No matter how hard I try to keep it clean it gets messed up again so I decided why fight it. My desk obviously doesn’t want to be tidy. So it’s not.

    That’s given me a good idea. Maybe you should start a tag session to get people to put posts of what their workspace looks like.

  3. Wookie: I’m one of those people that cleans their desk up every day before leaving… Don’t know why, I just do it.

    That’s a good tag idea… I’ll take a photo of the whole space. I just need to give it the Lingo touch, because normally my work area is pretty funked up, it’s just that I haven’t had time yet.

  4. Mac: Yah, if anyone tried to snipe my wallet from my blog I’d hunt their ass down and make them regret it… Might even call in some reinforcements.

    Mlah: Yah every Friday is POETS Day
    (Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday)

  5. I’ve been slumming it at work every day since January since we are closing. I was in the mall today looking for a Motorhead shirt to wear to work. Hot Topic blows. They only have shitty Good Charolotte shirts. Damn them 🙂

  6. Looks like you have all the proper office tools to succeed, foremost of which are those earbuds. Don’t leave home without them.

  7. OOOh! Versace glasses! I never was into the luxury glasses until I got Chanels as a gift… then I lost them or someone stole them, I am not sure what happened, and I could no longer go back to cheapo glasses… nope… big ol’ Chanels for me!

    We are doomed!

    You look hot mama! If they think you a nightmare then they have no taste! Funkalicious baby! Woooohooooo!

  8. Hey SeLiNa.

    I like the dressed down look and the snazzy shoes.

    I hope you’re feeling better after the possible poisoning from the other night. (Sorry if my Boston Pizza story triggered the midnight snack)…

    Seeing your iPod Mini reminded me that I was gonna mention the iTrip/iSuck attachment…I had the same issue you mentioned a while back with reception…(It works well with my stereo at home though)…I also noticed your ear buds don’t have the little soft covers on them…they’re a pain to keep on, huh? Also, I have issues with battery consistency…But enough about that…(I don’t listen to it in the car anymore…just at work)…

    I hope things are going well and that you have a great weekend!

    Take care out there!

    Your Pal,


  9. I am in sales and we technically have a dress code for work. Yesterday I just saw one customer and then I went to meet a co-worker. We both get out of our cars, wearing jeans, un-tucked shirts and we both were totally unshaven. Both of said at the same time, “You work today?”

  10. Yes, the luxury glasses are something to be marvelled… the way they fit, the way they feel, the lens, the curves, the syling… I love em.

    Zambo your BP post was indeed one of the triggers that made me wanna chow down after midnight… I can’t blame you though, i’m the moron who left the box outta the freezer.

    Thanks Neil 🙂 really i’m just a geek.

  11. Those are some killer shoes! GN is always casual, sometimes I think maybe a little too much. It is good to see that you have not let the corporate world kill ya too much. What is it that you do anyway?

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