The Things That Plague Me

Why am I constantly analyzing and evaluating my life? Why am I never “truly” (in the sense that there is nothing I would change) happy? Why do I think everyone else is a fucking idiot… (am I the fucking idiot?). No seriously… There seems to be an abundance of stupidity in the world. Why do I feel like I always need to do more… be more… say more… have more…? Am I afflicted with the disease of excessive consumption that seems to plague our world? Why do I question my decisions, my path, my core, my soul? Why do I have to change multiple times before I am happy with an outfit? Why don’t I make dinner these days? Why can’t I step foot inside a church? Why am I so unpredictable? Why do I feel like my thoughts are abnormal? Why do I feel the need to get more tattoos? Why do I question the purpose of my life? That seems so cliche…. Why do I care what the purpose is?…

Why can’t I answer these questions but I know:
That the sky is blue because blue light from the sun strikes the air molecules and scatters and our eyes perceive it as blue.

Grass is green because it is envious of trees which are much taller and don’t get stepped on like grass does.

Tom Cruise is fucked up on scientology and is a total wanker.

Lack of sleep combined with drugs and alcohol can make you hallucinate.

Cap’N’Crunch used to cut the roof of your mouth and now it doesn’t… It was better then.

If you eat 15 or more sour balls your tongue will bleed.

Babies not only can be, but ARE manipulative despite what any book or person says.

768 miles = 1 235.976 192 kilometers


13 thoughts on “The Things That Plague Me

  1. Selina, you have so much on your mind. My advice to you is to relax and have a nice glass of your favorite wine. It may not make your troubles go away but you may feel better. How about a nice hot bath?

    I think that a lot of us feel the way that you do. Life can be really frustrating. I used to think that because I would over think thinks like some of the stuff you listed that I was the the one who was fucked. I was right 😉

  2. Ahh, I was almost disappointed that you didn’t tear into a philosophical rant. Good to see work has not stolen your blogging creativity.


  3. OMG, I could swear you’re my daughter. You sound just like her. Except her hair is sometimes blue.

  4. Selina,

    Welcome to my world. I think about the purpose of life, the reason behind human suffering and humanity daily.

    We’re so much alike it’s not even funny.

  5. I think you know my thoughts on all of this. I often think of the purpose of life, if what I am doing is enough. How do I get more!

    I also think most if not all people are truly morons.

  6. I am in the throws of executing my world domination plans.

    I need a general and I was wondering if you would like to take the job.

    If offers wonderful benefits like getting to kill stupid people. They deserve to die. If they didn’t want to die then they wouldn’t be stupid would they?

    Anyway the position’s ready for you if you want to accept.

  7. Fred: Already one step ahead of you… Drinking some wine and i’m actually VERY relaxed!!! My mind can just be a heavy place, that’s all.

    Patrick: I promise to give you a philosophical rant in the very near future… I feel one comin’ on.

    Mel: Sounds like your daughter and I could have a few beers together. I have had my hair every colour on the spectrum.

    Steve: You know where it’s at… Vicodin yah!!! That’s what i’m talkin’ about!!!

    Le Grain De Sel: You don’t know how much I regret dropping French right now.

    Antoine: You can say that again.

  8. Ooh, bullets with people’s names on them.

    Anyone remember that movie starring Tom Sellick about robots and stuff but they had bullets that followed the target until it killed them?

    I have some of those Lingo. They’re cool but to be honest I kind of prefer a punch in the throat. It’s slow but it adds that personal touch.

    I like watching them grab their necks and I love it when they gargle on their own blood.

    BTW you can start tomorrow. I have to let you get liqoured up first. It’s more fun and I suppose it gives the stupid people a bit of a chance.

    I can imagine the proceedings already:

    Lingo: I’m drunk, I’m angry, and I have a gun. I’ll give you a head start.

    Stupid Person: Is that a gun?

    Lingo: What did I just fucking say?

    Stupid Person: That’s a nice gun. Why are you carrying a gun around?

    Lingo: Because I’m going to kill you. But I’m going to give you a head start so start running.

    Stupid Person: I like your gun. Can I have a go.

    Lingo: Sure. Here you go.

    Gun: BOOM (Lingo was using an elephant gun).

    Stupid Person: gurgle gurlge gurgle

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