Fuck You Starbucks


10 thoughts on “Fuck You Starbucks

  1. That guy’s great. I have an uncle that’s just like him. Makes Thanksgiving and other holidays much more interesting when he comes along.

  2. Wow, thats some funny stuff right there. Fucking pancakes, fuckin starbucks, fuckin cherry pie, fucking aerosmith, fucking donald trump…

  3. Fuck this old, fat, degenerate, child molesting mother fucker! Starbucks is my God, and I don’t care what the fuck he says.

    Eat that, “Kid from Brooklyn!”


  4. i fuckin’liked his fuckin’ interior fuckin’ decorating. great fuckin’ compositry. cool fuckin’ t-shirt that he fuckin’ hasn’t washed in eighteen fuckin’ years. god fuckin’ bless him.

  5. Yah… Even though I frequently hit up my local Starbucks for a Grande Chai Latte with Cinnamon… I still had to laugh at this… It was fucking funny!

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