Heaven Didn’t Want Me

yesterday hell almost swallowed me whole
if there was a bullet and a gun, i would have had the guts
but i was pulled out and saved from a burning soul
waved goodbye to the madness, the killers, the crazies, the sluts.

on my way out my i had to clench my eyes from the sting
they were burning and aching from the constant pain
i realized that i had to stop myself from doing nothing
had to get it together or risk going insane.

today heaven didn’t want me
but hell spat me back out
i am floating in this place and i am free
my smile is genuine my soul wants to shout.



11 thoughts on “Heaven Didn’t Want Me

  1. Thanks Dave. I don’t normally post stuff like this here, but as i’m sure you (as well as my other blog friends) have seen, my mood affects my posts.

  2. glad heaven doesn’t want you yet… you’ve got a lot more writing to do…
    this is terrific…takes courage to take a new direction and i can think of no more courageous person than you…keep it up…

  3. Thanks Anthony, I felt your vibes comin’ my way!!! πŸ™‚

    Chico, I do have a lot more writing to do. I am inspired. I have much to say and a lot of fire in me. Thanks!!

    West. I am optimistic by nature, but I am a human and therefore have the full range of emotions. This was very representative of how I am… When I get down… I go deep, but I somehow manage to rise from the ashes. Maybe it’s a scorpio thing… I dunno.

  4. Selina,
    This took my breath away. I feel like that almost every day. Such a powerful poem. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hey SeLiNa.

    Great poem.

    You should feel free to write whatever you want, when ever you want, in my opinion.

    Take care.

    Your Pal,


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