I Got The Soul In Me

Above: Miguel Migs. My new hero. The man responsible for touching my soul with his music.

Some nice things happened today:

– Woke up well-rested
– Did some Spring cleaning
– Went to look at my tattoo design
– LOVED my tattoo design
– Finally booked an appt. for April 1st to get it done (it’ll take 3 hrs)
– Listened to the most amazingly soulful funky-ass house set (Miguel Migs)
– Danced like a freak in my living room while cleaning the floors
– Had gorgeous shining hardwood that you could eat off afterwards
– Went to Hustler and bought a Burton shirt. The dude knocked $25 off for me.
– Had my parents over for tea
– Parents took spawnettes out for a walk to the park
– I continued to dance in the living room while they were gone
– Now I’m just sitting here in an immaculate house with a smile on my face

Percentage of bitch present in Lingo today: 10%

That’s damn good since it rarely drops below 5%.


9 thoughts on “I Got The Soul In Me

  1. Wow! You must have had a great day. Mine was spent with my wacko parents at the mall. I had mexican for dinner so it wasn’t a total loss.

  2. Awww thanks Poobah!!! Very nice of you to say so. I’m generally pretty nice to the amazing readers I have here at Lingo Slinger (unless someone tries to fuck with me… then, look out)!

    I’m a pretty nice girl in general, but I do got some bitch in me… Who doesn’t?!

    I try to not let my bitchiness rub off on others when the levels rise though… Usually I go lock myself up somewhere alone and make some music or something.

  3. Funny, but I too cleaned my hardwood floor and visited Hustler (but didn’t buy anything as it was too expensive for what I am looking for—a costume for the play I am in). It’s lovely when you feel well rested, accomplished and light. I hope your week is as fulfilling.

  4. Hey SeLiNa.

    Glad it was a better day for you!

    I have what I affectionately refer to as a ‘prick metre’ and my ‘prickishness’ is usually hovering at around 14%…Sometimes it’s playful, sometimes it’s hurtful…

    I forgot to mention it before, but what’s going on with Natasha Lyonne these days? Last I heard she was all effed up…

    Take care, SeLiNa!

    Your Pal,


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