Slummin’ It

I’ve been pretty unmotivated and lethargic all day. Didn’t sleep well last night, woke up (or rather… Got up) on the wrong side of the bed. Probably about 65% bitch in me this morning. I have been lounging to the core all day. I have been sitting around in my jogging pants. The only thing I did today (in regards to my appearance) is brush my teeth and use a cleansing pad on my face… Other than that, nada, nothing!! In fact I really haven’t done much of anything at all today. Just didn’t feel like doing anything! Of course my interpretation of doing “nothing” might be different than other people’s interpretation of doing “nothing”, since I am normally a freak of nature, and I have two 1 year old daughters who don’t exactly support the notion of doing “nothing”. But by my standards, I did nothing today.

Staying true to the form of this slummy Saturday. I just finished watching Slums of Beverly Hills on the IFC (Independent Film Channel). I love the Jew boy neighbour Eliot who dropped out of highschool to sell pot. He’s a rockstar. He’s got a suave attitude and struts around in a Charles Manson shirt. Big balls & a nice car. I love the dynamic that exists between him and Vivian. Here’s a couple of awesome quotes:

Vivian: You dropped out of high school?
Eliot: It was an option. I wanted to join the workforce.
Vivian: What do you do?
Eliot: I sell pot.

Vivian: Are you staring at my breasts?
Eliot: No!
Vivian: [lifts up her shirt] Well look at them!
Eliot: Ok…
Vivian: What do they make you think?
Eliot: I don’t know
Vivian: Do they looked deformed?
Eliot: No, they look beautiful!
Vivian: Do you want to touch them?
Eliot: Yes!

It’s a good film. Totally underappreciated I think. It came out a while ago… 1998. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out… I think I’m gonna go crash and get this day out of the way.

Tomorrow I’ll have greater expectations.


4 thoughts on “Slummin’ It

  1. Sorry to hear that you had a blah day on Saturday. Hope today is much better!

    I’ve never seen that movie. I will have to check it out.

  2. Thanks Fred πŸ™‚ I am doing much better today thanks!! I don’t know what my problem was yesterday!! Just wasn’t terribly happy… It happens though, we’re all human.

    Johnie1: Nice to meet ya πŸ˜‰ yah… please do come back! Good to know that BlogMad has my back… sending me fine folk like yourself.

  3. Hi SeLiNa.

    I caught a bit of it on IFC too…before the UFC…It seemed pretty cool, but I’ve never seen it all. I will one day…

    I hope things are more motivating soon.

    Take care!

    Your Pal,


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