30% Bitch and Dropping

So yeah… I don’t really have anything overly exciting to say. I’m just gonna ramble… Don’t quite know where this post is going, but join me in finding out if you should so desire.

Listening to some awesome Calypso right now. Makes me wanna go dancing. I once danced in the Caribana Parade with this over the top costume… In some dance troop where I was the only White girl… It was quite hilarious, but sooooo much fun.

I know I “said” I wasn’t going to indulge in “as many” glasses of wine, but I have had a glass (or two) every night since I started back at work. Ahhh well, what can I say?! I like my wine. I’m not gonna fight it… Go with the flow, that’s my motto.

I’ve been feeling better though, which is good. That Benelyn Cold & Flu kife really works… Or maybe it was the morphine… I dunno, but something worked. Still have a bit of a sexy blues voice going on (refer to Friends episode where Phoebe gets sick to know what I’m talking about). Who knew that phlegm could be sexy?! I didn’t… Until I heard Phoebe sing while sick.

Speaking of Friends (and not that I’m a huge Friends fan or anything, but fuck, everyone’s seen a numerous amount of episodes either voluntarily or involuntarily)… I was talking to some coworkers today about laser tooth whitening… I was thinking that I wouldn’t mind doing that. Right now I use those tray things. But then I thought, what happens if I end up like Ross with these blinding White teeth that glow in the black light and make people squint. I’d be hiding my teeth behind pieces of bread and menus. That wouldn’t be the look I’d be wanting to rock… I mean White teeth are great, but SUPER White teeth… teeth that are neon-esque are just not cool, who are we kidding?! It’s kinda like the tan benchmark… Tans are nice, but then you can be too tanned and look like a leathery old catchers mitt if you’re not careful.

I’m not as bitchy anymore, I guess because I’m feeling better… I’m about 70% nice girl, 30% bitch, and by tomorrow I should be 80/20. I forgot how much I used to spend on dry cleaning until I was reminded today when dropping off / picking up. Fucking thieving wankers!

So… That’s my post. I am too tired to think of anything original to say right now. I better get my 30% bitchy ass to bed. Big day tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “30% Bitch and Dropping

  1. Selina, I don’t know how you did it, but you got me smiling for no reason whatsoever.

    Oh and also may the record show I’m the first to comment on this post!


    Back from the Martimes. Pictures up on my blog soon, promise.


  2. I would love glow in the dark teeth.

    Teeth whiteners actually do damage to your teeth apparently. They make them brittle.

    You’re better off using Twink (I believe it’s called White Out where you are). At least then you will be able to get high on the fumes. 🙂

  3. Anthony: I am happy to make you smile! That makes me smile! Looking forward to those Halifax pics!! Hope you didn’t drink any kiddie porn beer… 😉

    Wookie: Yes, I’ve heard that these Whiteners damage the enamel on your teeth. I use the Rembrandt tray whitening system… but not every week or anything. Who knows though… maybe I’ll be toothless soon… But atleast I’d be able to give a mean hummer!

    ha ha ha… I couldn’t resist that joke.

  4. Hey! I’m glad that you’re feeling better! I guess that you had a good night sleep or something. That usually works miracles for me!

  5. Laser whitening would be OK except for the fact you have to do it like twice a year and it costs around 400 bucks each time- or do I just have a dentist who sidelines as an extortionist? I decided to save the money and just quit smiling.

  6. Doesn’t that whitening stuff actually make your teeth look bluish? That’s how it looks to me when I see people on television that had it done.

  7. Don’t let the percentage of “bitch” drop too low, though. Any man worth his salt will tell you that we like a little edge on our women. No guy wants a “Miss Molly Meek Pushover.” Make it interesting (but within reason) for us.

    Have fun at work. And remember, the world is a much better place when viewed through alcohol addled eyes! You drink all the wine you want, as long as you can function when you’re supposed to!

  8. I did have a good nights sleep last night!!

    If my teeth start to turn Blue for any reason, i’ll be suing someone!! 😉

    Don’t worry… I don’t think i’m capable of being 100% nice and i’m definitely not a pushover… I will always have that inner bitch in me! The percentage that emerges just varies on a day-to-day basis that’s all.

  9. They should invent a wine that is similar to pinot noir but which also whitens your teeth. That’s what I’m talking about!

  10. at least you sound sexy when your voice gets sick. me, i sound like minnie mouse in a blender.
    glad to hear work outside the home is going well. i’ve been in and out of the work force some many times. i do remember going back after being home with the kids. almost, felt like a fish out of water.

  11. HAHA white teeth, you so not Welsh anymore LOL

    drink more wine to get more nice (don’t work that way for me though)

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