It Has That Affect On People

McDonalds that is…

Going to get a manicure now… and a pedicure… then probably hit some other places too. Maybe make another movie at the nail salon. I’m pretty sure Ms. Swan is doing my nails.


15 thoughts on “It Has That Affect On People

  1. I almost always wear black underwear when I wear a black dress. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they look white.

  2. Going out? Don’t get lost now and end up at your mother’s house again!

    My band used to play at weddings on occasion, and that photo reminds me of sights we’d see as we were bringing our equipment to our cars afterwards. People get hammered at those things!

  3. I dunno. McDonalds has never made me pass out or fall down, although it has made me sick on occasion.

    Come on, you can’t post a pic like this without a little explanation. Who is the girl showing her ass to the world? What is the standing woman holding? Why is the guy up front looking at the woman’s face when the better view is obviously a little further south? And what does all this have to do with a trip to the nail salon?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. yeah… NEVER wear White underwear with a Black dress… EVER ladies!!! Go commando or wear some nice Black thongs or whatever…. anything but White.

    Thanks for visiting Mad Meer!!! Glad to have another diva among the ranks.

    I don’t really have any explanation for this picture per say…. but my guess (and again it’s a guess) is that the dude looking at her head is just making sure that she swallowed the rufee properly so that him and his swinger bitch can bring her hot ass back to their pad and shag the living daylights outta her.

    It doesn’t have a goddam thing to do with my nails or my trip out…

    BUT… I am lovin’ my french manicure!!


  5. there’s a series of those pics that ran through the email chain a while back. the girls just belligerant drunk. she is not wearing panties. and i have a better pic to prove it.

    happened in brazil. someone took a good look at the license plates of cars in the other pics.

  6. mlah… i’m impressed!!!!

    looks like chicky could use some tanning in the nether regions to go along with that brazillian wax job.

  7. Dang, LS! I can’t believe that’s how you spent your last weekend before going back to work.

    How come every other McD’s except the one in my neighborhood gets all the action? Life is just not fair.


  8. well hellllllllllll-o! who is that worldly beauty passed out on the concrete? tell me, does she always get this shitty and sloppy so that she passes out and is susceptable to any type of stranger’s fondling? Is so, please tell her to give me a call or email me. thank you.

  9. That photo makes me happy I’ve opted to not drink myself into a drunken stooper in a long time…hope you are enjoying your last weekend off lingo!

  10. I think she looks nice ๐Ÿ™‚
    What’s all the black panty white panty thing? If you’re not going to get shit-faced what’s the difference. Maybe he’s the pedicurist and she’s the manicurist. Ah – that must be it.

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